Parallels Desktop + Visual Studio + Intel compilers problem

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ShangJ, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. ShangJ

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    I am using parallels desktop on Mac OS X 10.13.1, Windows 10. When I was using the virtual machine to rebuild Fortran 77 projects on Visual Studio Community 2017 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018, compilation failed and the log says it can't find certain license files. I tried fixing the installation, but failed. Also, Visual Studio got stuck once when I launched it on BootCamp and then went normal.

    It may be a problem with Parallels Desktop, or it may be a problem with Windows handling Internet mapped drives, since I was using external drive to save storage space (got only 256GB total internal storage on MBP 2015). It would be great if Parallels could mount certain partitions of a drive natively on a virtual machine, since I also use the drive to store some Mac applications (leaving a shell script in the app bundle on the computer hard disk to use launch pad), and mounting it only on a virtual machine would be inconvenient.

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