Parallels for Debian/Ubuntu?

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Would you buy "Parallels for Debian/Ubuntu" ?

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  3. no, there are better alternatives (KVM/qemu,...)

  1. UlrichJ2

    UlrichJ2 Bit Poster

    Parallels is great - this in terms of performance and usability. I use it to have dedicated Windows 10 guests for each of my clients (I am in IT/business consulting services) on my laptop.
    My issue: I use a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga (as Apple has no touch screen Macbook) - but on Ubuntu/Debian only VMware Workstation is available. (to be honest - many performance related issues like network performance between host an guest). None of them were on Parallels on OS X Catalina...
    Request: Have a product "Parallels on Debian/Ubuntu"
  2. JohnM111

    JohnM111 Bit Poster

    If you're okay with bugs from time to time and okay with learning how to get around, I suggest Linux as your OS with a Windows dual-boot and VM (the "and" here refers to having it installed on a secondary drive which you can use as a VM and boot into it directly if you so wish). Graphics-intensive applications shouldn't be an issue since it seems your CPU supports Intel GVT-g which let's your host and guests share the iGPU (although you may be able to passthrough the dedicated GPU, if you have one, to the VM).

    You'll get much more control over your hardware and I have better power management than directly on Windows. Keep in mind some things like a FP sensor may not work on Linux (you could still possibly passthrough these to the VM). I also find Linux hypervisors (KVM, Xen) to be faster than Parallels, VMWare, and VirtualBox. Hyper-V was only faster for me when Windows was a guest but I haven't compared since I optimised my VM configuration.
  3. JohnM111

    JohnM111 Bit Poster

    Hope this had helped you.

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