Parallels for one Window's program on Macbook Pro 2015.

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    I am using Macbook Pro early 2015 2,9 ghz i5, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. I am still thinking about using Parallels on it for only one program which I need at work. I am not a big fan of my current business laptop. Everything looks great to buy Parallels but I want to be sure that it will be working well. Especially if we talk about RAM.
    This window's program (Subiekt GT if someone wants take a closer look-polish program) takes only 9-10 mb of RAM on Windows system. In requirements they wrote that you need 1 GB Ram for it. So that is not too much. Still 7 GB will be available. Apart from this I will be using same things like on screenshot. Maybe 3-4 more cards in Safari. I know that macOS uses ram as much as possible. Usage bar is still one green so maybe after add Parallels still will be on green side. How do you think? Zrzut ekranu 2017-06-01 o 12.28.44.png
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    Hi @KrzysztofI,
    when your virtual machine runs, by default it tries to lock all the memory assigned to it from the Mac RAM. However your virtual machine runs on top of the OS X, so we need to make sure the OS X is always provided with efficient memory amount to run with no glitches. It was concluded the OS X should always have access to some significant amount of RAM installed on the Mac.

    The amount of memory your virtual machine will use can be devided into 3 parts: - the virtualization overhead: uses only about 8-9 % of the total amount of RAM assigned to the virtual machine, however it is always stored in the Mac physical RAM. - the "main" memory, which works as RAM as such inside the virtual machine: configured in the virtual machine configuration -> Hardware -> CPU & Memory. - video memory: Hardware -> Video (Graphics).

    In Parallels Desktop for Mac you can assign up to 8GB of RAM to your virtual machine. In Pro Edition you can assign up to 64GB of memory.
    NOTE: The maximum amount of virtual RAM depends on the total amount of physical RAM directly: you cannot assign more RAM than your Mac has.

    So the answer is yes. It will be in Green only if you can assign 2- 4GB of RAM in the virtual machine.

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