parallels full screen display breaks up after swipe from mac screen

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by AxelH3, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. AxelH3

    AxelH3 Bit poster

    Since installation of Mac OS high sierra swiping in the Parallels Windows 10 full screen guest from a mac screen sometimes results in a garbled screen.
    See video
    Clicking on the garbled screen sometimes results in the correct display to appear.
    Did never happen with sierra.
    MacBook Pro 15, Mid 2012
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB
    External Monitor Dell UP2516D
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  2. AndrewH11

    AndrewH11 Bit poster

    Same issue, MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017), no external monitor.
    Didn't notice it with the High Sierra GM either; possibly it's a new problem with the release version.
  3. AnthonyD1

    AnthonyD1 Bit poster

    Same issue. I'm running Parallels 13 with a Windows 10 VM and upgraded mac OS to High Sierra today. Swiping between Mac and Windows desktops when in full screen mode produces a scrambled Windows desktop or overlays some or all of the Mac desktop on Windows. Clicking on the garbled screen sometimes clears it, otherwise repeated swiping or switching to Coherence and then back to Full Screen. I reinstalled Parallel Tools, but that made no difference.

    EDIT: MacBook Pro 15" Retina Late 2012 - no external monitor
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  4. MichaelM32

    MichaelM32 Bit poster

    Same deal here. Parallels 13 w/ Win10 VM after upgrading to High Sierra. Happens to be on an external monitor on my 15-inch mid-2015 MBP.
    The most reliable way of getting it to behave again for me seems to be swiping up into mission control, then selecting the space again, then clicking into it.
  5. EvanS4

    EvanS4 Bit poster

    Same exact issue here. Upgraded to High Sierra and had the issue with Parallels 10. Figured that meant it was time to upgrade, but same problem persists on 13.
  6. EvanS4

    EvanS4 Bit poster

    I should have mentioned in my post that, like you, this happens to me on an external monitor, which is when I need parallels working at its best anyway.
  7. MarkF5

    MarkF5 Bit poster

    Same issue, in my case with the built-in display. Visually exactly as shown in the video posted by AxelH3. The issue appeared with the upgrade to High Sierra.
    Parallels Version 13.0.1 (42947).
    macOS High Sierra 10.13 (17A365).
    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel Iris 1536 MB.

    [Update 10/24/2017] Still no resolution. Latest release, Version 13.1.1 (43120), does not fix the issue. Opened ticket with support: 220662076
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  8. kuykendc

    kuykendc Bit poster

    Exact same issue as shown in OP's video here.
    Parallels Version 13.0.1 (42947)
    macOS High Sierra 10.13 (17A365)
    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2 GB, Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
  9. LuisF

    LuisF Bit poster

    I have the same problem. I have the Parallels Version 13.0.1 Pro license
  10. der-rechner

    der-rechner Bit poster

    Exactly the same for me since 10.13 DP1
  11. JohnLocke

    JohnLocke Bit poster

    Same problem here, occurring on my system when using an external monitor and swiping into the full screen VM.
    When I'm trying to screenshot it I just get a white shot.
  12. WilliamS16

    WilliamS16 Bit poster

    +1, it's happening on Parallels 12.2.1 on macOS High Sierra and I probably won't be upgrading to 13 until this gets worked out. Please fix this, I have to switch back and forth a lot in my work.
    Video of Issue
  13. KevinK6

    KevinK6 Bit poster

    after Install OS X High Sierra I got same problems ... this bugs in Video while i swipe between Mac OS X and Windows fullscreen:
    but windows is still alive, after some swipes and clicks... !

    With MacBook Pro Retina 15 Inch 2017 3,1 Ghz 16GB 2133 Mhz LPDDR3 and
    Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB and Radeon Pro 560 4GB
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  14. Charlesd8

    Charlesd8 Bit poster

    Same problem with
    parallels Version 13.0.1 (42947)
    MacBook pro 15 2017 on macOS High Sierra (no problem on Sierra)
    Windows 10 version 1709
  15. ZaripovG

    ZaripovG Bit poster

    The same.
    MacBook Pro 2017 13 inch without Touch Bar
    Parallels Business Edition, version: 42947
    Host OS: MacOS High Sierra 10.13
    Guest OS: Windows 10
  16. MilanS1

    MilanS1 Bit poster

    Same issue, it is super annoying :/
    MacBook Pro 2016 with TB
    Parallels 13.0.1 (42947)
    Host OS: MaxOS High Sierra 10.13
    Guest OS: Windows 10 Pro

    It is acting same no matter which GPU (internal vs. dedicate) is used.
  17. Dr Tone

    Dr Tone Junior Member

    Just to add, I have the same issue. Rather annoying.
  18. MurrayW

    MurrayW Bit poster

    Same here. I've had this happen both with and without an external monitor connected.

    MacBook Pro Retina Mid-2012
    Parallels Mac Desktop Pro Edition, Version 13.0.1 (42947)
    Host OD: MacOS 10.13 "High Sierra"
    Guest OS: Windows 10 Pro
  19. ViacheslavK

    ViacheslavK Junior Member

    Same issue after upgrading to High Sierra. PD12 latest version.
  20. BrianS11

    BrianS11 Bit poster

    Same for me.

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