Parallels has given up on Workstation

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux' started by constant, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. JtMac


    I'm glad I came across this thread. I have been a happy Parallels Mac user but I now need to switch out my Mac Mini for a Linux laptop. I had planned to purchase Parallels for Linux but I guess I won't now. It is a shame that a product with enormous potential would fall flat. =(
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  2. Tom Ironcast

    Tom Ironcast Guest


    I am sorry for my long absence on forum.

    Mr. Art can find his question already answered by both email&Support System.

    The only thing I can announce here for the moment is:
    We are expecting to release new BETA for Workstation within next month or so. It May show up sooner or later mentioned period.This is No Promise, only expectation.
  3. timeshifter


    I hope the new version has much of the Mac codebase. Using Transporter I can migrate my XP MCE system to Mac Parallels. With the Windows version all I get is Blue Screen of Death 0x0000007b boot device problems. See

    I was able to finally get it to work after hours of fooling around with Acronis True Image images and reinstalls and NOT using Transporter.
  4. John Howard

    John Howard

    Tom - first, let me applaud your efforts to be responsive to everyone in this thread. I also have some weeks-old pending requests for support that have gone unanswered. Fortunately, however, Parallels Desktop has worked so well for me generally that the glitches I wrote about are not so serious that they make or break the product for me. Plus Ben has stepped in on a number of occasions and has been very helpful.

    You said you were relatively new. I don't presume to know how the company is organized and managed internally. But as someone who did once manage a 40-person organization, it strikes me that Parallels has generated far more demand for its product than the organization is right now capable of servicing to all customers' expectations.

    This is probably a long-winded way of saying that Parallels would do well to hire and train many more tech support professionals.

    Again, thank you for your responses.
  5. LinkRS


    Hi Tom,

    I have sent a number of e-mails to support, and have never gotten a response. I get the auto-reply, but no other responses. Do I need to do something specific to get a response?
  6. Tom Ironcast

    Tom Ironcast Guest

    Thank you John :) I'm just trying to move the F-1 from the pitstop :)

    Still, I am no magician or telepath - I need your ticket ID's or email registered with Parallels to see to your issues.
    Send them to me by private messaging here.

    Can you please do the same?
  7. ogeorgi


    I have to report the same - never got any response on my ticket Feb. 13 2007 regarding compatibility of Workstation on Windows Vista 32Bit and 4GB of RAM. I still have to use Virtual PC 2007 (which costs 0).

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