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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by GFBurke, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. GFBurke

    GFBurke Member

    I have made some turn-key Parallels images for the Macbook. These have only been tested on the Macbook. Tuned, drivers, settings (1280x800 etc.), software..
    Must have Parallels and a Macbook (other MAC's may work - just need to mess with screensize etc - But I can't be sure).

    Get'em while they are hot!
    Xubuntu 6.10
    Ubuntu 6.10
    Freespire 1.0
    Fedora Core 6 NEW! (12/13/06)
    PClinuxOS (no audio)
    PCBSD 1.2
    OpenSuse 10.2 NEW! (12/10/06)
    MEPIS 6.0 NEW! (12/31/06)


    Please help each other out for torrents etc.
    Just download, unzip and and run! You have a perfect Linux desktop that is all up-to-date, patched, all drivers and has a lot of great software. Nothing to "configure".
    Hope they help.

    Just get them and burn'em to a DVD for backup of "perfect/tuned" OS's.

    If you cannot download these freely over bit torrent - I do offer shipping of a DVD for a $7 donation. You can order here.


    These images work fine. They download fine, and unzip fine. If somebody has an issue - it is an isolated incident. As you can see, there are 100's of people using them. If you have an issue, please ask for help.

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  2. Jerry

    Jerry Member

    Wow, thanks a lot Burke!
  3. constant

    constant Forum Maven

    That's pretty cool.

    Well done Burke.
  4. tcv

    tcv Bit poster


    I wanted to sign up to your RSS feed, but it seems busted.
  5. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    I don't have a torrent downloader... Do you offer the Zips for "straight" download anywhere?
  6. dotcomjunkie

    dotcomjunkie Member

  7. majortom

    majortom Member

    Ubuntu: very interesting if there is no more need to tweak it for graphics support.
  8. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    Done that. Thanks... But as far as faster.... I really don't think so... Typically peer to peer FS systems such as torrent, kazaa and others have been hosted by systems with limited upload speeds that simply cannot compare to placing the zip on a fast server for either FTP or HTTP download.

    Using the software you suggested I have Xubuntu and Backtrack both in the queue getting zero kbs... My line is a digital cable which typically speed checks at 4.3 mbps. so I know it's not on my end. But thanks for the link to bittorrent.

    On another note when I download the link for Ubuntu and then drag it over to BitTorrent I get the error:

    Fatal Error

    Error: Bath file path component: .DS_Store

    Back track and XuBuntu seemed to work just fine. Any idea what that means?
  9. alkalifly

    alkalifly Hunter

    Well, I bet that if you are willing to supply and/or pay for a fast server for FTP or HTTP download, then I'm sure Burke would let you host them on there and get all the traffic from everyone downloading the image.

    Meanwhile, I think it was nice enough of Burke to share his work with us in the first place, I don't think we need to complain that he isn't volunteering to host tons of net traffic.
  10. GFBurke

    GFBurke Member

    Kazza and Torrent are not the same technology nor even the same league. Hey, a Yugo and BMW are both cars - but not comparable. :)

    With torrent, you must give it time and be sure to port forward through your router. For OSX I either use Azureus or Transmission. Either way, setup the port you want the program to use, then port forward your router. Then give it time. We have lots of seeds right now so yes, it will be faster than a direct download.

    Let me know how they go!
    I'm gald to help out.
  11. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    I admit ignorance to BitTorrent and it's technology. But having done all the setup I'm getting 0.9 kib/s right now. I believe if more come online it sure will be faster but that was my experience in the days of Kazaa... When lots were online, lots were downloading. So it was difficult to find a good time to do it.

    On the subject of Web space for fast download, I would be more than happy to host the images on a server I rent. However I have to get them first! :) and it would have to be at the permission of Burke.

    And to add to what the other gentleman said, by no means was I being pissy about lack of speed. I simply asked and now I'm offering to host on a server if some would desire.

    I do give thanks to Burke for doing this. I'm not sure what I will use them for yet but I do like having "pre-built" images. Perhaps there is a market for this with XP, Win2000 etc.

    Imagine buying a pre-licensed ready to load WinXP or Win2000. None of the hassles of installs. But yes MS would have their issues with it.
  12. NutKracker

    NutKracker Junior Member


    Via Usenet would be good! ;)

    When's the Mac Pro *working* Parallel version coming out....?? Last I heard it was a "few days"'s been more than a few! :p

  13. manfredell

    manfredell Hunter

    Tried Xubuntu.

    Can't login. Tried burke/password as stated in the ubuntu page but it doesn't accept it.

    What are the correct user and password???


    Never mind: just found it.
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  14. unused_user_name

    unused_user_name Pro


    If you are getting that slow of speed somethng is set up incorrectly on your side. My transfer is going quite a bit quicker... BT is a bt different then kazaa... when more people download, things go FASTER not slower. Even "leachers" increase the overall speed, as one seeds before the download completes.

    Things to check:

    Bit torrent clients have an external "listening" port which must be open in order for the transfer to work. Make sure the port is open. If you have a router you have to "port forward" it from the router to your machine's IP, which means your machine must have a static IP behind your router. Make sure your ISP is not blocking the port also. I would also go to DSLreports and port-scan yourself while the BT client is running to make sure that the port is working. Sometimes ISP's block BT ports.The port number changes depending on which BT client you use, so check it's defaults to see which port you have to forward/check in your portscan.

    Aso make sure you cap the upload at 2kb/s LESS then your max upload speed. For complicated reasons, BT does not like it if it is run uncapped. If you dont know your ACTUAL max upload/download speeds are then go to and check it, while nothing else is using the connection.

    If you do these things it should go pretty quick.

    I do not claim to be an expert on bit-torrent, but I did have to write a bit-torrent client for a class project... so I know a little bit about how it works. :)
  15. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    Ok I just CAREFULLY did all that. I verified that my "listening" port as specified in BitTorret preferences is open and directed at this machine. I did a speed test and capped at upload-2KB.

    I shutdown and restarted to be 100% safe that BitTorrent was loaded correct. I restarted it and...

    still not all the much better. 2.7kib/s Sometimes 5.0. The computation shows 3 days remaining.

    This is EXACTLY the experience I had before with my first attempt at BitTorrents.

    Not sure what else I can do but simply wait and hope it eventually works. Of interest... uploads from my machine top 20 kib/s. Yet I can never get a download faster than 5.

    If this is what others are seeing then thats fine. I just want to make sure it is setup correctly.
  16. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    Anybody know why the uBuntu torrent gives an error .DS_Store when I drop it on BitTorrent?

    It's doing this on two different machines.
  17. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    Ok on my MacMini I got BitTorret setup and its MUCH happier with lots of seeds and good download speed. No idea why my MBP was no doing so well.
  18. alkalifly

    alkalifly Hunter


    Hey MarkHolbrook,

    I didn't mean to imply that you sounded pissy; you didn't at all.

    And your offer to host the images on your server is very generous, you are a true gentleman (I am assuming, if your first name is Mark).

    However, are you sure your server would be able to handle the large amount of traffic that would invariably be generated? Especially if there are a lot of people all trying to get it at once, it could prove to be a lot slower going over http or ftp.

    Anyway, I am glad you got your BitTorrent issue figured out on your MacMini. Were you using the same client application on both machines? I have found some to be much faster than others. My personal preference for Mac OSX is Acquisition.
  19. majortom

    majortom Member

    Dont' know if you're jocking or serious but programs like PD are a vert hard low-level HW/SW tweaking task. Be patient and... good luck (I mean: hope you'll geti it ASAP!!!)
  20. MarkHolbrook

    MarkHolbrook Pro

    No problem on the pissy part. I have no idea what the traffic would be for these images. I don't know if the BitTorrent numbers mean anything at all but I saw about 20 uploads and downloads going.

    My server is a commercially hosted server with some gigantic amount of allowable traffic. Would we exceed that? I just don't know. I'd be willing to give it a shot and see though.

    As of this morning my BitTorrent went for sometime then suddenly decided to simply stop. It says 11 peer which must be there are no seeds to get the transmission going with. Although mine shows a status of "seeding" so does that mean I'm now a seed site?

    I guess I need to do some research on BitTorrent huh!
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