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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by GFBurke, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. SiliconAddict

    SiliconAddict Bit poster

    Seed please. Thanks. :cool:
  2. Member

    no images

    the images page all sj=how size of zero and a 4040 error. have these been removed?
  3. khorsia

    khorsia Bit poster

    Wow - do you have any of these available for the MacBook Pro? 1440x900?
  4. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    They are pretty easy to edit and convert for MBP. I did it and I am FAR from a Linux geek.
  5. wonjin

    wonjin Bit poster

    Just run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg and select vesa as the video driver and 1440900 and 1280800 as extra resolutions. Then restart X (reboot or ctrl-alt-backspace).

    - wonjin
  6. fo-tik

    fo-tik Junior Member

    Hi there.

    I use Solaris 10 at work. I have a brand new MBP that's on a delivery truck and headed my way that's expected to be here tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm going to attach a 1 TB external drive by firewire 800 and would like to put Solaris 10 on it, so I can remote console into my customers sites over VPN and be able to export the display to my Xwindows. It makes it easier to see the current alarms, while I work in a terminal.

    You may not get many requests for Sol 10 but this is one more. And thank you for the work you have done for others in making it easier for them to use the many OS's out there.

  7. easypacklinux

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    EasyPackLinux --

    Hello all,

    and sorry for the OT. EasyPackLinux is at the moment the best choice where download complete disk-image not only for Parallels software; we have also disk.image for VMWare Fusion, VirtualPC (Mac && Win) Q (Qemu).

    For example:
    and more

    You can download all images from our privare Azureus server without problem.

    easypacklinux staff
  8. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    Solaris works fine for this, but so too does Mac OS X. I do it all the time as I'm a Unix admin and need X windows access via ssh. I have Solaris 10 installed but don't require it for this purpose - I use it for compiling and testing software with Studio 11 and gcc environments. Same with Linux.
  9. roadtest

    roadtest Bit poster

    I am expecting Fedora 7 image.

    Do you have plan to make it with all the nice utilities you put on version 6? Btw, do you have a list of the utilities you added?

    Thanks for your excellent work and appreciate your time!

  10. fo-tik

    fo-tik Junior Member

    Hey there!

    Thanks for the response. So when you use OSX to admin your systems, are there any environment settings you make on either the OSX side or on the Sun systems? If there are, do you have it scripted by any chance? I'd like to follow along with an existing workflow so I can get the hang of how to integrate this brand new MBP into my Sun workflow.

    In my original post, I was casting another vote for a "no assembly required" pre-made Parallels image of Solaris. The kind person who started this thread has them for many other OS's. Having the pre-made image would just save me time and headache.

    By the way, I work for Nortel and I'm always looking to network with others in the industry.

  11. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    Sun offers a pre-built VMWare Solaris 10 machine which can be imported into Parallels. Check at I think it was first announced on BigAdmin. My understanding is just about any VMWare virtual appliance can be imported into Parallels but you need to fuss a bit with video and networking. Solaris 10 installs quickly using an iso image from the free dvd provided by Sun earlier this year. They ran out of media at one point, but the offer may still be good. The 07/07 release is probably worth waiting for as it includes support for Linux containers as well as Solaris containers.

    You'll probably find everything you need here:

    I don't do anything special with OS X for managing Solaris. I installed the XCode package from Apple which has the XWindows tools in it, and use the included Xterm. I use ssh -Y hostname to connect to remote hosts when I think I may have to run Xwindows code or Java GUI stuff. Most often the NetBackup java GUI. It works well even from home with Cisco VPN for Mac and that also lets me connect to the corporate net from any of the VM's I run.

    Just be sure your sshd_config on your Solaris hosts permits XWindows support.
  12. Member

    Linux Distros?

    Is there someplace to read about what makes each Linux Distro special? I have tried Umbutu, Fedora and Suse, Can't get the Java Plug in to work under firefox in either Fedora or Suse. Also the updater in Fedora crashes when run. Umbutu is great.

    I get ACPI: Unable to Locate RSDP in each of these on boot and the virtual machines have to be forced to quit after shutdown. Anyone have any ideas on these problems?
  13. MaximS

    MaximS Forum Maven

    Hello to ALL

    The Parallels Technology Network has been released some times ago, so now it is possible to use it for discussions like this.

    We invite all users to move in this topic on Parallels Technology Network Discussion forum.

    To GFBurke:

    Now you can store information about your Parallels images in Parallels Virtual Appliances Directory. Within it is possible to update and discuss them centralized, each Parallels image in the own forum branch.
    Last edited: May 8, 2007
  14. vilmoskörte

    vilmoskörte Member

    bittorrent definitely sucks. It took me more than a week to download the Suse package at speeds not faster then 4-6 Kb/sec.
  15. wingdo

    wingdo Pro

    There is nothing wrong with BitTorrent, but most likely with the fact that there is only one person hosting the file along with dozens of other files and he's probably just got a cable modem uplink.

    what we need is a place on PTN to host these files. ;)
  16. krazzer

    krazzer Junior Member

    Anyone can post me the xorg.conf from backtack?

    Hi there.
    Can anyone plz post me the contents of the xorg.conf from the backtrack? Unfortunately I messed it up. Won't start X11 anymore.
    Thanks alot.

  17. kaidomac

    kaidomac Member

    Is it possible to use an image from Parallels Desktop for Mac on the PC version? I'd love to try Ubuntu on my PC workstation!
  18. piebook

    piebook Bit poster

    Thank you very much GFBurke for your contribution of free Linuxsystems. I've just downloaded Fedora Core 6 via bittorrent, it takes three days, because the connection was very poor, mostly around 2- 5 Kbyte/sec.. I think it depends of the quality of the Internetconnection. I'm staying in the northern of Germany and don't know where the location of the server is.
    For the future I think the communities should allow to store the images of the actual version nearby.
    But it is really true, you download the Zip-File, expand it via stuffit and start parallels and ...
    it works. Now I'm willing to purchase parallels. By the way and adressed to parallels, perhaps you should allow the maintainers of the images described above, to store these images at locations which are supported parallels. From my point of view, possibilities like described, will increase the customer care ;)
  19. roadtest

    roadtest Bit poster

    purchase request

    Hello GFBurke,

    Do you have Fedora 7 image ready? I would like to purchase the DVD from you. Please advise.


  20. jweisbin

    jweisbin Junior Member

    question about graphical mode

    Sorry to be so clueless, but I downloaded the Fedora version and am running it on a 17" MacBook Pro under Parallels version 3. Somehow I managed to get it into graphical mode, by starting up in interactive mode I think. But if I restart Fedora, it comes up in text mode. I checked inittab and the dealt run level is 5, so I don't get why this is happening. I also tried to startx after logging in, but it tells me the xwindow server is already running. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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