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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by GFBurke, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. ae6dx

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    Thanks for the advice. I see Linux comes in i386, x86_64, and ppc versions. Which do I need for Parallels?

  2. Rachel Faith

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    i386 DVD... Thats the one to get...
  3. GFBurke

    GFBurke Member

    Ubuntu for sure.
    Btw, I wont do beta distro's. I'll wait until the new ones are out.
  4. Stevie

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    What are the recommended settings for Linux?

    I have tried installing Freespire 1.0, Kubuntu 6.1 and Mandriva Free 2007 but I haven't been able to boot into any of them. Either the video is corrupted or they just die as they boot.

    What are the recommended setting to use (ie. video driver, etc.)?

  5. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith Hunter

    A couple of Questions:

    Are you using Burke's Images or a fresh install off of a downloading distro?

    Which kind of Mac are you putting them on, specifically?
  6. Stevie

    Stevie Bit poster

    All fresh images on a 17" MacBookPro, 3Gb, Core 2 Duo, etc. Running 3170

    They seem to install fine but the hardware does't seem to be detected correctly. What is the correct video, sound, etc. drivers to choose when installing?

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  7. Blown284

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    You have a PM regarding the DVD's. Thanks.
  8. calstars

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    Thanks, great thread.
  9. vtek63

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    will you be updating your backtrack image for backtrack 2?

  10. tuthill

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    PM sent with regards to image dvd.
  11. blacksheep

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    No 1280x800??

    I am using both the Ubuntu 6.10 and Backtrack 1.0 Parallels image. Latest Parallels build 3188 on a Macbook 2.0 with 2gigs. (not MBP, Macbook Black 13")

    In either case, 1280x800 does not show up as a selectable screen res?

    Ubuntu starts in 800x600 windows and will switch to Parallels full screen, but 1280x800 is not an option listed in Screen Resolutions and it stays at 800x600

    Backtrack starts in 1600x1200 windowed, lists multiple options in display settings, but 1280x800 is not one of them, and refuses to switch to full screen OR change resolutions to 800x600 (x server dies and the cmd prompt is all garbled, requiring "startx" or "xconf" to clear up)

    Any ideas?
  12. John Howard

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    Thanks I will try it.
  13. John Howard

    John Howard Hunter

    I downloaded, installed and loaded BitTorrent. but nothing happens and there is no search capability. What do I do next?
  14. VintageGeek

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    Ubuntu worked great on my MacBook. Thanks. VG....Only issue is when I shutdown Ubuntu the Parallels windows goes black and does not return to the Parallels startup window. Anyone have thoughts on this? Fedora Core did it too.
  15. NosillaCast

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    You also need to download one of the torrent files he has listed (whichever distribution you want) and then open it. Since you have BitTorrent installed, it should automatically launch. With any luck you'll start to see graphical indications that data is coming in to you. After some bits have gottent to you, you'll also start to seed to others (that's the whole coolness of Bittorrent - it's like we're all sharing a book and between us we have the whole book, but we have to share pages until everyone has the whole book.) You may need to tweak some settings, like getting a port that's acceptable to your router, but give it a whirl like it is and see what happens. if it doesn't fly on it's own, write again and we'll help!
  16. John Howard

    John Howard Hunter


    I downloaded the Ubuntu 6.10 torrent but transfer was real slow. I left it on overnight and the next morning the software said it would take 8 DAYS (not hours or minutes) to finish.

    Tried again later with similar results.

    So much for "torrents" ;)
  17. bombastinator

    bombastinator Member

    no joy with NTFS but extII is possible.

    There are issues with NTFS. Microsoft has it patented and are rather jealously guarding their toys. Any implementations of NTFS have to be reverse engineered, which is expensive.

    There are some open source projects attempting read/write solutions, and they have made some progress in Linux. Linux stuff of this nature is generally ported eventually to BSD, at which point they are easy to get into mac os. It will likely never be officially apple supported though unless they do their own reverse engineering project.

    If you want a filesystem superior to FAT 32 that does read/write in both systems though there is a limited solution. Both operating systems unofficially support a semi obsolete filesystem calld extFS II.

    Windows supports it because back in the days of windows 2000, NTFS was such a piece of junk they needed a better filesystem to do server stuff and at that time extII was the defaullt linux filesystem. Therefore there is installable (but not default) support for it. OSX actually has kernel hooks, and there is an open source project that supports the filesystem.

    This is not to say that extII is all that awesome. It is an evolution of the minix file system which was a notorously lame and cranky OS. the system is not particularly fast or stable and while it may have a journaling option (that may be ext III, I forget) using it makes the system actually slightly slower than FAT 32. Even the unjournaled version is still more stable than FAT #@ (that is not a typo) and should in theory lack the 4 gig file limit.

    My last known data on the subject is that the Mac implementation while stable3 in 10.3 was still having some issues with 10.4. This information may be out of date.
  18. tkjazzer

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    I'm fairly new to Parallels and was pumped to get XP working then was pumped again when I figured out how to expand the HD space on the virtual image.

    Ok, so what exactly are these files that were listed in the original post? Can someone break this down to a complete idiots guide level?

    Thanks, if someone already did this, please link.

  19. ehurtley

    ehurtley Member

    The big problem is that these are "torrent" files. You download the torrent files, which are just 'pointers' to the data. Then, using a torrent program (such as the original "BitTorrent" client, or others,) you download the data. Bit Torrent is a peer-to-peer program, so you are really downloading the data from other people running BitTorrent. Unlike the more famous peer-to-peer programs, though, you only share a file as you are downloading it. (Technically, the sending is called 'seeding', and most programs DO 'seed' for a while beyond when they are done downloading.)

    This also means that if there is nobody else downloading the file, there is nobody sharing it. I have been completely unable to get any of the image files because quite often, there is nobody else seeding. So I will sit at 0% for days at a time. One I was only getting 1-2 'seeders' at a time, and often very slowly.
  20. chello

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    I did update all items in ubuntu today....mouse is slow and imposible to adjust, I also get get a lot of errors all the time:confused:
    I run the last ver. I Mac 20"

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