parallels in a windows network

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration in Windows and Linux' started by GianlucaRoncati, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. GianlucaRoncati


    At today I have a Windows PC that works in a Windows network. Now I want to use also a Mac as a stand alone but since I don't want to have 2 computers I'd like to know if parallels is able to make a virtual persistent machine.
    It must do a windows domain logon, keep the data (for example, to use outlook) and receive software updates from the net (for windows s.o., the antivirus and other programs).
    Thanks for any reply...
  2. TestvornameT


    yeah I had the same idea :)

    I created a virtual machine by using the "VMWare Converter", you can download this and use it (I think it´s a trial, but it works fine) to create a VMWare Machine.

    Copy the VMWare files from the PC to the MAC and create with Parallels 7 a new virtual machine ... done :)


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