Parallels in Catalina: Office 365 (in Windows) crashes the Mac

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by RolandB8, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Maria@Parallels

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    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.
  2. MatthewB19

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    I don't know if it's the latest version of Parallels Desktop 16.10 (48950), or the fact that I changed the Windows VM configuration from using the Parallels hypervisor to using the Apple hypervisor, but I've been running the virtual machine for five full working days now without the video.metal=0 boot flag, and it has not generated the kernel panic crash at all during that time. I may be lucky, but I would previously have had two or three crashes at least. So perhaps the issue is fixed, or it isn't triggered when using the Apple hypervisor?
  3. Mystik

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    I have a similar problem.
    Mojave 10.14.6, PD16.1.0 (48950) and Windows7 (64-bit), e-GPU AKiTiO Node Radeon RX580.
    After a few minutes, MacMini freezes and restarts. After disconnecting the e-GPU everything works fine.
    This never happened on PD14.
    Of course, everything works perfectly in MacOs.
    Will this problem finally be solved or should I look for an alternate VM?
    For several versions of PD, I have been waiting for this problem to appear and nothing. At the moment I recommend only the PD14 version as the last one that works without problems. Unfortunately, after switching to Catalina or BigSur, there may be a problem with the operation of PD14.
    Maybe someone will suggest another VM to boot Windows that does not cause problems? So for the future.

    I'll try to use Apple Hipervisor.
  4. Mystik

    Mystik Bit Poster

    ....unfortunately. First boot of Windows and BricsCad and freeze and restart.
    Now I will try with Boot flag: video.metal = 0 and Parallels hypervisor.
  5. Mystik

    Mystik Bit Poster

    I guess it helped. There are no freezes and reboots so far. At least for now. Maybe I was lucky :)
    But why doesn't Windows VM want to run with Apple Metal support?
  6. PaulM53

    PaulM53 Bit Poster

    THANK YOU.... video.metal=0 in boot flags has fixed it.
    Just scrolling in Word caused a complete system crash with a Sonnet eGPU (RX 580). Now with video.metal=0 in the boot flags - no crashes.
  7. TroyW

    TroyW Bit Poster

    haaaaallelujah, haaaaallelujah! Now you guys need to detect when someone is using an eGPU and warn them incase this is an issue for them. I almost sold my eGPU, thank God I waited.
  8. PaulM53

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    Agreed... I was in the process of selling my EGPU - had actually given it to someone I know who ebays successfully. I was in the process of looking at VMWare and ... happened to read this thread. I went out of my way to get the EGPU back and wala.... I can use Windows again without it crashing every time I open anything slightly graphics intensive.

    Either there are so few of us with this issue or ....
  9. iFalconT

    iFalconT Bit Poster

    Same here using an eGPU (Razer Core x + Asus Strix RX570 4GB) keep freezing and restart again and again when using Microsoft Excel....
    Set video.metal=0 in boot flags definitely fixed the problem but also cause you can't play any 3D games anymore...
    Please fix this @parallels, what a bad experience

    Parallel Desktop Version 16.5.0
    macOS Big Sur version 11.5
    MacBook Pro 13-inch,2020
  10. DavidC70

    DavidC70 Bit Poster

    It's been more than two years this issue has been reported. Even if a workaround has been proposed, it imposes significant limitations.
    When will it be definitively fixed ?
  11. EricS34


    This is apparently still an issue. Monterey 12.3 , both windows 10 and 11. Sonnet breakaway 550 (Radeon WX5100) and Microsoft 2019 Pro Plus. Used the Boot flag: video.metal = 0 and everything appears to be working.

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