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  1. VenkateshM

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    Dear All,
    We are in SCCM 1710 with Parallels Mac Management 7.0 installed and configured.
    So my doubts are:
    If we upgrade PMM to 7.2,just by uninstalling and installing, will we loss PMM configuration which is already configured?
    and also we have a request to upgrade SCCM 1806, so what is the sequence of upgrade like first pmm 7.2 or SCCM 1806?

    Please suggest me. Thank you.
    Venkatesh M
  2. TimofeyF

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    Hi Venkatesh,

    You can now upgrade to PMM v7.3.1 and you can do this without first uninstalling the previous version (v7.0). The in-place upgrade is working starting from the version 7.
    The sequence of upgrade doesn't matter, you can do either way. Feel free to upgrade PMM first and then upgrade SCCM.

  3. VenkateshM

    VenkateshM Bit Poster

    Dear TimofeyF,
    Hope you are good!!
    Need you support again please!!
    We have enabled OS X Software update point for SCCM to support MAC OS Patching. but the problem is Synchronization is not happening and we are getting Apple option in products could you please suggest what we can do and also provide any document. Thank you so much for your great support on PMM.
    Best Regards,
  4. TimofeyF

    TimofeyF Parallels Team

    Dear Venkatesh,
    Can you confirm, that "Apple" option appeared in Products in SCCM?
    If not, have you enabled the locally published updates in WSUS?
    If not, please follow the "Pre-Installation Procedures >> Parallels OS X Software Update Point Requirements" in the Administrators Guide, specifically this one:
    • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) must be installed and configured for local publishing of updates. Please see the following page on the Microsoft's website for more info:
      On the web page, refer to the "To set up the update server for locally-published content" section for instructions.

      Also, if you don't really need to bother with the CA signed certificates, you can easily create a self-signed certificate by using the WSUS Package Publisher utility (Tools >> Manager Certificate):

      Please note, that the software updates functionality may fail in several points due to misconfiguration. So, in general, it may take several iterations to find the root cause. I'd suggest to carefully read the Administrators Guide.

      If nothing helps, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

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