Parallels Maintenance Defragmenting SSD...bad idea?

Discussion in 'macOS Guest OS Discussion' started by EricV4, Sep 13, 2022.

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    While waiting for Parallels to complete its monthly maintenance, I started Task Manager in Windows 11 to get an idea of what was going on. I noticed that the Windows disk defragmenter was running. Since my Mac just has SSDs attached to it, this seemed like a pretty bad idea.
    From Crucial, a well known manufacturer of SSDs:
    TL;DR Defragging an SSD is not only a waste of time, it can actually harm the SSD over time by using up the finite write cycles of the drive.
    While defragmenting a hard drive is usually a great idea, the same principle definitely does NOT apply to SSDs.
    Now I'm not totally sure this same logic applies to a virtual machine, but it does seem clear that all the extra write I/O would still stress the underlying hardware.
    Any thoughts?

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