Parallels Management Manual Registation Failing

Discussion in 'Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM' started by CollinR, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. CollinR

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    Hopefully this is a quick fix. I am having problems with trying to register Mac clients to SCCM via the manual enrollment process. I go to http://<hostname>:8761/files/pma_agent.dmg and I can successfully download and install the pma_agent. However, the issues is when it prompts me to type in my AD domain user name and password. I do as requested however I get the following error: "The Parallels Management - Mac for Microsoft SCCM registration was unsuccessful.". I verified that my boundary is defined correctly and my domain credentials are correct as well as that the Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy is running but it still wont register. The weird thing is that the Network Discovery install works perfect, any ideas on how to get my manual install to work correctly?
  2. charlesd1

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    CollinR, its not your fault but problem in software which is still not installed properly.If did not installed success fully you never able to access please navigate the problem then try....
  3. TimofeyF

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    Manual installation works differently - it needs to retrieve the Parallels Proxy location from AD, thats why it asks for authentication. Network Discovery pushes the Proxy location to Mac, so there is no need to do any extra work. Anyway, to understand what is going on, please raise the support ticket and attach a problem report collected from the Mac.

    PS: If you have a complicated AD forest structure, Mac Client may have difficulties finding the Proxy location in it. Investigation is necessary.

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