Parallels non compliant with Indian RBI guidelines

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ManeeshR, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. ManeeshR

    ManeeshR Bit Poster

    I have tried making my parallels subscription renewal payment with multiple credit cards like HSBC and CitiBank and all of them have confirmed that you are NOT conforming to RBI guidelines of India and therefore all Credit Card Transactions are being blocked for you from India.

    My parallels subscription has expired and I have to renew it. Could you tell me how do I make the payment now since you are not in compliance with Indian laws and who will be responsible if my data is lost.

    This is highly shocking that a company like Parallels in non compliant with Indian laws. Kindly provide me an alternative way of payment so that I can pay and renew my subscription because a lot of my data is in the virtual machine and I cannot afford to lose it.
  2. McallenT@Parallels

    McallenT@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello @ManeeshR, Please refer to this KB article: to create a support ticket and reply here with the ticket number, so we can assist you further. Thanks, McAllen
  3. PrethamS


    Did your account renew completed
  4. ManeeshR

    ManeeshR Bit Poster

    Yes, but I had to contact someone I know in Canada and request her to make the renewal payment on my behalf and I in turn paid her the amount that she paid on my behalf. The renewal was done but it was a major inconvenience and I do hope parallels comes up with a solution for this before my next renewal.
  5. GampaA@Parallels

    GampaA@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello ManeeshR, we are checking with our internal team, and we will get back to you as early as possible. Thanks.

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