Parallels on New MacPro Causes Shutdown

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MyDJs, Mar 24, 2007.

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    Yesterday, I received my new MacBook Pro 17" and proceeded to migrate my all of my files from my MacBook to the MacBook Pro. I was so excited by how easy this was and when completed, it was a complete I thought.

    All programs ran flawlessly until I opened Parallels. Once I clicked on the little green arrow to start the VM, my Mac shut down. It was like watching a painful death as the screen slowly disappeared. Ok, so I thought this was just a little hic-cup so I re-booted and it died again. So I uninstalled the program and re-installed. But again, no matter what I do, I can't get it to stop closing down my machine. It worked flawlessly on my MacBook and I had hoped it would continue once migrated over to the new system.

    Has anyone else expperienced this and is there a fix?
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  2. Bit poster

    The same

    I am experiencing the same problem. When I try to open Parallels Desktop it immediately asks me to reboot. The problem repeats itself each time. It is very frustrating having spent all the money buying the top of the line mac and the Parallels Desktop.
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    Me Too

    i purchased the Parallels software yesterday and have been trying to install it so far I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled and updated my computer 5 times, it's driving me crazy! I really need to access XP files that my thesis is saved in and I can't, because every time I power on parallels it causes the gray screen shudown message to appear:(
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    Do you know which version of Parallels you have? Some retail stores still have the version on the shelves which was before the Core 2 Duo came out. The current version is build 3188. If you do not have at least 1970, you should download the new version from the Parallels Website. The key that you purchased with your retail copy should still work.
  5. Bit poster

    Purplish's suggestion

    I followed Purplish's advice about using the so-called Build 3188 version found on the site and IT WORKS. Thanks Purplish.
  6. Hugh Watkins

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    I had the same bad experience in an apple store with a copy
    Norton Utilities / ante virus which did not support the current OS and there was no fix to download on the symantic web site - so I took it to get a refund
    and a so called "brain" whose advice I took sold newbie me a slow firewire disk without asking which machine I had.
    which HD I took back and changed the next day

    the old clones of Parallels had taken a lot of space - so I moved them to the external HD as back ups

    welcome to all newbie Parallels owners
    give yourself time to learn your new pride and joy

    clone a successful set up

    save your work - or at least back it up - in the network / shared folders and you can use your files in both OS

    if you have done that and get a black screen failure
    (only happened to me when I messed up a beta test upgrade)
    it is easier to use a copy of a clone than repair or reinstall your VM

    I started in June 2006 and by good house keeping (fire wall, ante virus, ante spyware, disk management, automatic updateof my MacBook Pros) have a problem free Windows XP sp2 virtual machine which doubles the useabilty of my laptop

    I will get Vista in about one years time - if then
    before that I will get Solaris - freebie for home use

    Hugh W

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