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Discussion in 'Parallels Website and Forum' started by MikeyC, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. MikeyC


    Help please!!! I am at my wits end! Heres the deal:

    Purchased Par for Mac 6, installed and Kaspersky trial services and they have just expired. I have tried purchasing the software through Parallels ( ) and additionally the Kaspersky website. I called Parallels support and they said Digital River runs the store, but I can't find and way to contact them. I tried 3 different credit cards, 3 browsers, and pay pal and no combination worked. Thought my request was being rejected completely until I received a message from Parallels/Digital River saying thanks for you interest, but you haven't paid. This the kind of problem you always get when dealing with a PC. What to do?
  2. LiudmilaA

    LiudmilaA Bit Poster

    Dear MikeyC,

    I checked our order database and located three orders you placed recently that were not processed.

    Please contact Parallels Customer Service for assistance regarding this. You can submit support request (free of charge) at our website in the category Customer Service and Licensing:

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