Parallels RAS Client True Full Screen?

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by MatthewS52, Jul 22, 2023.

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    Hi, can someone please advise if it is possible to go full screen while using the RAS Windows client? Under my connection options, in the Display tab, full screen is selected (though greyed out), but the window itself is not full screen. I have the client window bar at the top of the screen and there seems to be no way to go true full screen. Thanks.
  2. jpc

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    For RAS connections, the resolution is configured by the administrator when publishing. That is why those settings are disabled from the client-side. By default, it is set to fullscreen but allows the user to control multi monitor behaviour.

    A screenshot of the "client window bar" might help to identify what component is still in the way to achieving true full screen. I will assume that you are referring to the "bluish-isoceles-trapezoid" connection bar that appears when in full screen. This should have a "pin" icon to allow the user to pin/un-pin it. The default is to show it pinned. It can be pinned/unpinned while connected. The client has a setting to not show it (under Display > Desktop Options > Connection bar in full screen).


    If, on the other hand, what you are seeing is the normal windows title bar, then your administrator configured your connection to use a specific size or the "available area". In that case, switching to fullscreen is (afaik) explicitly disabled and has to be configured by the administrator via the RAS Console.

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