Parallels RAS complete list of required licenses.

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    I've been assigned by my boss to provide him an estimated cost of implementation of Parallels RAS. Almost all available online information is clear or easy accessible, except the licenses part.

    What we have:
    • 2 x HPE 380 GEN 10 servers, 2 x Intel Xeon GOLD processors, 256 GB RAM each, SSD drives. Bought initially for an project that it;s cancelled now.
    • VMware VSphere 7 license for servers
    • 18 Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, Windows 10 Pro, for 18 employees
    What we would like to do:
    • Run a Paralles RAS farm, with 18 virtual machines, a dedicated desktop for each employee.
    • We consider to run certain applications via Parallels Terminal Server, but worth to mention, our priority is the farm with 18+ virtual machines for each employee.
    My questions:
    • Do we need to buy Microsoft Windows Server Data Center licenses for running and managing our farm or Windows Server Standard should be sufficient?
    • Do we need to buy 18 Microsoft VDA licenses, 1 for each virtual machine, if we use our Lenovo Laptops? All settings and files from each laptop will be step-by-step moved to each employee virtual machine, therefore we might format each laptops in the end, reinstall Windows from scratch and have only the RAS client and VPN client's available.
    • Are 18 RDS CAL licenses mandatory in our default scenario? Our default scenario is as follows: we deploy 18 virtual machines, 1 machine per user.
    Thank you very much and appreciate your support!
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