Parallels runs amok after connecting an USB stick

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by blackmac, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. blackmac



    I have had a severe problem with Parallels Beta 3120 two days ago. Here's what happened:

    I had Parallels up and running from my Bootcamp partition in the background when I connected a USB stick to my MacBook in order to copy some files over from my PC. Note: Parallels was set to autoconnect USB devices. After pluggin in the stick, Parallels cpu usage went to 100%. I ignored this, finished copying the files, unplugged, and then switched to Parallels in order to see what the problem might be.

    By then, I was unable to shutdown Windows. I noticed a request window, telling me that a USB device was unavailable, but I could not click OK or Cancel (just no reaction). I tried to terminate Parallels from the dock, then from the activity display, but no success. I decided to shutdown Mac OS X, but when I tried to close my applications they would not react either. Finally, my whole system was frozen. I could move the mouse pointer, but nothing else showed any reaction.

    There was no way but to hard shutoff my Macbook by pressing the on/off switch for several seconds. When I switched it back on and tried to logon again, a bad surprise awaited me: my Mac told me I had to immediately hard-reboot. But the hard-reboot did not make things better. Whenever I logged on, I was told to reboot the machine.

    I tried to logon as another user, and that was successful. I finally found out that Paralles had corrupted my first user's personal file vault. Eventually, I had to delete and re-establish the user, and I was unable to recover or restore any user data.

    I have now switched off autoconnect and placed the Parallels directory somewhere outside my user's path, so as to avoid such a total data corruption. But please fix tis problem before you release the next version!
  2. manack


    I had the exact same problem after a USB2 external HD connection in Parallels build 3120 under WinXP SP2 VM. Same crash scenerio, with OS X crashing, and the subsequent immediate reboot message. Luckily my user account did not get corrupted. MacBookPro Core2Duo, 2GB ram, 10.4.8
  3. darkone


    as 3150 now exists, you should update to that before reporting issues.

    You should also report to as they need to know, but are more than likely only interested in issues that exist in their current release candidate, not previous builds.


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