Parallels Server Bare Metal 5.0 released!

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    I'm pleased to announce the release of Parallels Server Bare Metal version 5.0.

    Parallels Server Bare Metal (PSBM) delivers Parallels Virtuozzo Containers together with our world-class hypervisor technology. By combining both virtualization solutions into a single product, PSBM enables Service Providers to provide a range of options to their customers while improving operational efficiency and reliability.

    Service Providers who want to provide their customers with servers based on Containers or hypervisors can now support both virtualization technologies with a single solution. Parallels Server Bare Metal delivers:

    Flexibility and Choice
    Deploy either Parallels Virtuozzo Containers or Parallels hypervisor-based servers to meet the full range of customer needs

    Improved Operational Efficiency and Reliability
    Parallels Server Bare Metal reduces maintenance time and deployment risk by providing a single solution from Parallels the leader virtualization solutions for hosting service providers

    Fully Cloud Enabled
    Parallels Server Bare Metal is the virtualization technology at the core of Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure solution. For more information on PACI see

    The Latest Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Technology
    Parallels Server Bare Metal includes Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.7. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is an operating system virtualization solution that maximizes the investment in server hardware. For more information on PVCfL4.7 see

    What’s New in PSBM 5.0
    Parallels Server Bare Metal Beta is a cloud-ready virtualization solution that allows you to simultaneously run multiple Parallels virtual machines and containers on the same physical server, thereby making more efficient use of your hardware resources. The 5.0 release:

    - Optimizes system performance with no-downtime migration
    - CPU and memory hot-plug support, enabling scalable infrastructure-as- a-service solutions
    - IO and CPU limits and accounting ensuring performance for all tenants in a multi-tenant environment

    For more information or to request a trial version please visit us at
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