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    Hi - I wanted to test out Parallels as a provider, but after installing the plugin I discovered that it set Parallels as the default provider -- even for existing boxes. I would rather use Parallels only when I "vagrant up" with the explicit provider setting. Is there a way to have this plugin installed but NOT set Parallels as the default?
  2. Yes, it is correct. Since vagrant-parallels v1.3.0 the Parallels provider has higher priority than VirtualBox. If our plugin is installed, Vagrant will try to use the Parallels provider by default. So that, it is not necessary to specify --provider=parallels or set VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER env variable anymore.
    To boot VirtualBox machines you should specify the provider option: "vagrant up --provider=virtualbox". Subsequent boots only need "vagrant up".

    Yes, you can override the default provider by setting "VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER" environment variable. Example:
    export VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER=virtualbox
    You can also add this command to the ~/.bashrc file (or ~/.zshrc if your shell is Zsh) to make this setting permanent.

    P.s. The default provider logic will be smarter in Vagrant 1.7.0 (coming soon). Quote from

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