Parallels Shared Folders destroys Symbolic Links

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    I use some Symbolic Links in my //.PSF/SharedFolder to access the documents I need to edit. They link to folders, and the permissions are all correct.

    This works just fine, until I stop my work, suspending or shutting down the VM of Windows XP SP2 and (at some point afterwards) it turns out any Symbolic Links in that folder have turned into "Unix Executables", ie. permissions (via ls) become —rwxrwxrwx instead of lrwxrwxrwx. The symlink still contains the information (if you open it in a text editor, it has the file location info in it), I just can't turn it back into a link without deleting/re-creating the SymLink...

    I think this problem is specific to v.1970, as I used the same setup of SymLinks before upgrading without a single hitch. Any suggestions?

    PS. I love this program, best software I've ever bought. Especially all the work continually going on to better the product. I really hope Apple doesn't put you out of work!

    Mac OS X 10.4.8, Build 8L2127 (latest as far I know at this time), MiniMac w/ 1.66G Intel Core Duo, 1 G Ram.
    Also running Virtue Desktops, and the shared folder is on an MS-DOS formatted drive (was a BootCamp partition at one point, now just storage).
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