Parallels sharing bluetooth modem?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by GregA, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. GregA


    I have parallels working fine when on my wireless network. Both parallels and OSX configure themselves, all is good.

    When away, I use a bluetooth modem to connect to the internet. When I do this in OSX, Windows-Parallels can't access the internet.

    Is there an easy way of achieving this?

    (I have considered configuring internet connection sharing through OSX and then networking them together via the ethernet port which I never use.. but it seems like a bit of a pain).
  2. Siren


    I'll second his request and bump it to the top of the list. I tether with a Verizon phone, an Audiovox VX6600 and a C2D 2.16 MacBook Pro. I have so far been unable to get the bluetooth modem to interface to Parallels in any way - so, is there any way to make this happen? Any workaround that anybody knows about? I'd really be grateful for this. Just really confused and sad about it, since I tether about half the time... any tips or ideas that might lead me in the right direction? :confused:

    Thank you!
  3. darkone


    this is easy done using the Shared Networking option...
    If youre on an older version of parallels and dont have Shared Networking, then you can do it by setting up Host Only networking. Make the connection before stating parallels.
  4. Siren


    I attempted that already - it doesn't work. I'm running the 3150 RC2 build on a Core Duo 2 MacBook Pro 2.16 in stock configuration... installed OS on Parallels is WinXP Pro SP2...

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