Parallels Stealing Focus, Switching Spaces

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Dogfish Jones, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. madde001

    madde001 Bit poster

    It's totally inappropriate how Parallels (running Win XP) repeatedly steals focus from the running Mac app during Windows startup, Windows shutdown, and any time a Windows system alert event happens.

    Parallels developers, PLEASE make this STOP!!!!!

    Bouncing the Parallels icon in the Dock is plenty of notification.

    While I was typing this very reply in Mac Safari, Parallels/Windows twice already has popped up a "helpful" alert box telling me I might be interested in turning on Sticky Keys.

    The ability to turn off these focus-stealing behavior is an absolutely necessary feature.
  2. MaciejG

    MaciejG Bit poster

    Anyone still working on it?

    Come on! It's more than 9 months now and there is no reply, I'm fighting with this problem since... oh, I don't even remember... It's extremely annoying, always was, and after I saw how you treat your clients, I feel so stupid to buy two licenses for your product + 1 upgrade to version 3. One thing is for sure - I will never buy anything from you again, it's not worth it. 3D support you promised so long ago sucks terribly, it's completely unusable! Version 4 from anyone who tried it seams to be "work in progress" and not even beta state. I don't know how it looks like now, because none of my friends decided to give it second try - it was THAT bad! What's wrong with you people?
  3. Vramin

    Vramin Bit poster

    I came here to get some advice on how to handle the issue with Parallels constantly stealing the focus for this stuff (Outlook pops an email notification, desktop goes to screen saver). These issues make Parallels with a Windows guest OS all but unusable.

    So what do I find? A thread that started back in 2007, and a post from days ago that complains that the problem persists?

    Well, I guess I can see what kind of support I'm going to get on this. I'll start looking for another answer.
  4. JonoY

    JonoY Bit poster

    For what it's worth, I did not experience the stealing focus problem until I adjusted a few Configuration options; if you have any of the following options below [_] checked, try turning them off:

    Parallels > Configuration > Coherence: [_] Bring notification windows to front
    Try unchecking [_] Bring notification windows to front and see if this works. If not, try the next option below.

    Parallels > Configuration > Shared Profile: Enabled with "Documents to My Documents in Windows" checked
    Try unchecking [_] Documents to My Documents in Windows and/or [_] Enabled
  5. BernieY

    BernieY Bit poster

    Try this. I found out that if I uncheck the "Bring Notification Window to front" it fixes the problem of PD5 stealing focus from other windows. I hope this helps everyone's situation. BY.
  6. Steve Baines

    Steve Baines Bit poster

    Worked form me! Thanks
  7. sleepystu

    sleepystu Bit poster

    same here...

    Using version 5.0.9344 in Snow Leopard 10.6.3, with Windows XP SP3 in Parallels VM (running from a Bootcamp installation, with separate hardware profiles in windows), all up to date.

    Using Parallels full screen mode, in space 2.

    Parallels steals focus whenever a USB drive is plugged in and I am prompted whether to open in VM or OS X.

    Strangely, every time I go to OS X system preferences, upon close, Parallels steals focus. There are several other instances, sometimes without doing anything related to Parallels.
  8. Rich Brodsky

    Rich Brodsky Junior Member

    This is driving me nuts in Parallels 7. I see no option to uncheck the "Bring Notification Window to front" box. Is there anything that can be done?
  9. trauts

    trauts Bit poster

    And in Parallels 8

    I didn't have this issue in Parallels 6, and recently upgraded to Parallels 8. Now, whenever I have Quicken update my accounts, Quicken's account update window steals focus from Mac apps. The weird thing is that the menu bar does not show Quicken after it steals focus. It still shows that the menu bar for the Mac app. Then to get the focus back to the Mac app, I have to Command+Tab once to switch focus to Quicken, then Command+Tab again to get the focus back to the Mac app. Very frustrating.
    I was amazed when I saw that this issue is 4 years old! Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
  10. trauts

    trauts Bit poster

    Still no fix?

    And no response from Parallels?
  11. RichardXL

    RichardXL Bit poster

    it's very very boring!!!! dear developer please fix this, just rollback one commit should be done, thank you!!!!

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