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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to try parallels so I downloaded it from Appstore and instantly turned off the automaticall subscription renewal.. I expected it to work for 14 days and then stop.. Now its almost 3 weeks and it still works, although it says my license expired (see incl. pic). I really don't want to pay the year subscription, as I planned to buy one time license after the trial expires.. Is it that parallels resubscribed anyway and I will pay the yearly cost, or did I misunderstand something..

    Thanks for help..

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  2. Bhargava

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    Hello, please refer to and follow the steps to cancel your Parallels Desktop subscription in App Store before any charge is made for the Paraellsl subscription. Thanks.
  3. That is what I did 2 weeks ago.. now I get this picture in subscription window.. There is written, that the subscription is expired and I can choose another years subscription, but don't have to..and there is no cancel subscription button..

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