Parallels Tools Always Kills Parallels

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    I've been having trouble with Parallels since I installed it last week. I have a brand new Macbook Pro. I had windows XP pro installed using bootcamp, which has worked since installation. I downloaded and installed the current version of Parallels from this website. The installation went fine. Windows booted up in Parallels, but then the trouble started when Parallels Tools was installed. The installation went fine, but after reboot windows died just after fully loading up.

    Since then I've uninstalled and reinstalled parallels too many times to count. Most recently I downloaded the beta version of Parallels to see if it would make a difference, but it doesn't. What I've found is that the only way I can get Windows running fully on Parallels is to delete the parallels folder from windows (through my Mac account, as I can't figure out how to officially uninstall the tools). And then run Parallels. Parallels works when the tools are not installed. However, I'd like the functionality of the tools.

    So I have a couple of quetions.

    1. How do I uninstall Parallels Tools properly
    2. Another problem I have is that on boot up Windows now gives me about 10 seconds to select my standard bootup instead of one of two parallels configurations. Is there any way of removing this?
    3. Does anyone have an idea of how I could fix my main problem and install parallels tools so I don't crash everytime I load windows in Parallels?


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