Parallels Tools in RHEL causes desktop issues.

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by BobR2, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. BobR2

    BobR2 Bit Poster

    After installing Parallels tools in RHEL 7.6, I'm having issues with GDM. Applications appear in front of the desktop, but behind the icons. When I first log in, I have a blank screen with a mouse pointer for a few seconds then the icons appear, the screen goes blank and then I see the desktop rise up as usual. Abrt-Cli is reporting gnome-shell failed. I am also unable to drag applications around by their title bars, however, I can still drag them around by the blank space in the menu bar. Seems like coherence might have something to do with it. I have included a screen shot of the issue I am seeing as well as the basic abrt-cli output.
    Also note the only way to make an inactive application active is to use Alt+Tab. I do not know if Fedora or CentOS are affected by this or not. Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 4.27.04 PM.png

    It is also worth noting that I have isolate linux from Mac enabled.
  2. UmaN

    UmaN Bit Poster

    I am facing similar issues. This is really hampering the reputation of Parallels
  3. SteveL1

    SteveL1 Bit Poster

    This happens in CentOS too.
  4. ArmandoG

    ArmandoG Bit Poster

    The same form me, with CentOS 7.6.
    After installation (not "express") it's all OK, but imediately after Parallels Tool installation, the problem happen.
    I'm using Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac - Pro Edition.
    Very bad situation.
  5. RichardM16

    RichardM16 Bit Poster

    Yes, this started with CentOS 7.6 (1810 - 3.10.0-957). Reinstall Parallels tools does not improve the situation. I also opened a ticket in the CentOS bug tracker fro the gnome shell.
  6. projector

    projector Bit Poster

    Virtualization within the Intel line of chips used to sound straight-forward and light-weight; allocate and protect memory and disk space, scheduling, etc. But you get the sense that now it is a mass of special case handling that breaks with every guest-os update, lots of dependencies.
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  7. ErlingJ

    ErlingJ Bit Poster

    I downloaded the Fusion 11 trial to figure out if the issue is with Parallels or with Cent OS 7.6. It turns out the issue isn't there with Fusion. I did find, however, that Fusion still feels like "software", slow to boot, slow file sharing etc. It is not the Parallels experience. Therefore: is there reason to believe Parallels will support CentOS going forward? Or is it just to get used to the "software" feeling of the competition?
  8. TimP7

    TimP7 Bit Poster

    I have this same issue. Window selection does not work. Very frustrating.
    I created a new VM from CentOS. After the yum update and reboot it shows this behavior. Upgraded the Parallels tools.
    I booted to an older kernel but it uses the same version of gnome.
    I cannot do a "yum history undo <HISTORY_ID>" as that fails.
    This is an out of the box VM.
    Using Parallels Desktop for Mac 14.1.0(45387)
  9. Bit Poster

    Same issue, please fix ASAP. Thank you!
  10. jheinen

    jheinen Bit Poster

    Same issue her. Please fix it!!
  11. SeanM13


    I've seen this issue too. It looks like it's an interaction between the GNOME Desktop and Parallels tools. I built a new VM this morning and removed GNOME and installed KDE. So far KDE doesn't seem to have this problem. I'm also hoping the Parallels fixes this soon.
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  12. LandonN

    LandonN Bit Poster

    I too have been experiencing this same issue. I am running the latest RHEL7.6 with the latest recommended updates. I have seen this issue few a few weeks. Applying the most recent Parallels update (Version 14.1.0 (45387)) did not fix this problem.

    Please advise.
  13. SterlingG

    SterlingG Kilo Poster

    I get sort of the same issue with Mint 19.1 using Cinnamon and with FreeBSD-current with gnome. Usually leaves a couple of .core files around. Does not happen with VMWare Fusion.
  14. RobK5

    RobK5 Bit Poster

    Same issue with RHEL 7.6 and Gnome. Disappointing, given how old this thread is not to see any updates. VMWare Fusion 11 is no problem.
  15. GlennS5


    I contacted Parallels support 20 November and they confirmed the problem on 22 November. So they are very well aware of the issue, but getting close to 2 months and no solution so far. Hopefully they are working on the problem and a solution is close.
  16. SriramN

    SriramN Bit Poster

    Friends, as SeanM13 mentioned if you want to work around the problem please use KDE-desktop-environment. No issues with it.
    Gnome library is having some compatibility issues which have to be fixed. Not sure when we will get the fix, but instead for waiting and wasting time we can get use KDE for now.

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