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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Cogz, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Cogz

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    I have a problem that has been I believe has been happening since the very first time I launched Parallels. I tend to use Parallels like I use my mac. Every time I step away from my computer, I go back to the "select user" screen. I keep myself logged in, but for some reason of habit I like to go back to that screen when I am done using windows and parallels.

    What is strange, is that EVERY time (or so it seems) that I enter into my user account (even without a restart of the OS) it tries to get me to rinstall Parallels tools. Now, sometimes this is advantagous, like when there has been an update that I reinstalled, but I don't see why it should ask me to reinstall something that is correctly installed every time.

    Is this a bug? How do I keep it from trying to reinstall Parallels Tools every time I log in?


    ps- This also happens on my non admin account, but I don't believe the install process can complete because of the restrictions on installing software.
  2. Leonard

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    Is the Parallels Tools image mounted as your CD device and the autostart kicks off the install?
  3. Lakin

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    I see it in my windows CD drive, but I can't delete the install file.

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