Parallels Tools won't stay installed Build 5.0.9344

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by MichaelE, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. MichaelE

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    Parallels Tools hasn't worked for me for ages. I really don't want to have to alt-control to get my mouse to escape. But I have to, because installing Parallels Tools just won't do what it used to do. Installing takes as long as it always does, but once installed, it just doesn't work.

    I can't get Coherence to work either. Is there any help for this?
  2. Shaddam IV

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    can you describe "just doesn't work" in a little more detail?

    Do you have sound? Do you get Aero in Windows Vista / 7? Can you use a 3D application? Do you use shared folders?

    If any of the above are "yes" then Parallels tools have installed (yes, I agree, they install slowly). It might then be a question of whether your setup is preventing certain of the Paralllels services from loading.
  3. MichaelE

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    I use XP, not Vista or Windows 7. I can share folders (that is, in My Computer I find a Y:// drive which is my Mac volume, if that is sharing folders).

    But the mouse is always captured and nothing I do (or have tried including the upgrade) will return me to the state where the mouse is independent of the Windows window. It is always captured and I have to do alt-control to get the Mac mouse back.
  4. jspiva

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    I have this same issue. Have you been able to slove it.

    Windows XP with Parallels 5 (Newest Build) On A Brand New iMac 21.5 with 8GB of memory
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