Parallels Transporter 13 hangs

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by BrianH7, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. BrianH7

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    I have upgraded to Parallels 13 and want to migrate a Windows 10 installation to my MAC

    I installed Transporter 13 on the Win machine, attached an external drive and started the transfer. A few files were transferred to the but then it seemed to hang. The pvm file showed 433MB but even after an hour, this stayed the same. The progress bar showed no progress and there was no error message. In the end I stopped it as I had no more time.

    The Windows machine showed an error relating to Auto-backup but I stopped this.
    The ext drive has a capacity of 500 GB with 443 GB free. It's formatted as NTFS. I used this same disc to migrate 2 XP systems with no problem.
    Can someone please give me some idea of what is wrong.
    I have just bought Parallels 13 for Desktop, should I not be entitled to free customer support?
  2. KebhaK@Parallels

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    Hi @BrianH7, Please format your external drive to Exfat extension and before migrating please run SFC and Chkdsk on your PC.

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