Parallels Transporter Agent installation fails on Windows 7 (vbscript error)

Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by ogeorgi, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. ogeorgi

    ogeorgi Bit poster

    The current release of Parallels Transporter Agent install fails on my Windows 7 (German) - partially.

    I have tried both (EN/DE):
    - ParallelsTransporterAgent-parallels-en_US-9220.531002.exe
    - ParallelsTransporterAgent-parallels-de_DE-9220.531119.exe

    Install ends with with a VBScript runtime error. I have registered vbscript.dll - but it has not helped. Uninstall show same error message.

    I can start the tool and can connect from Mac Transporter - but the it does not work (over network).
  2. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers

    Hi, ogeorgi

    Please, provide us a log file (typical location is %USERPROFILE%/parallels-transporter-install.log)

  3. ogeorgi

    ogeorgi Bit poster

    Also new US-9308.543312 fail

    I tried to install the updated Transporter Agent ParallelsTransporterAgent-parallels-en_US-9308.543312.exe. But that cannot continue installation because it try to uninstall the old Transporter Agent but that did not work as it should. So now I am in a loop.

    I have attached some logs and a screenshot.

    Attached Files:

  4. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers

    Looks like not all components were installed.

    You can try this way:
    1. Run Parallels Transporter installer
    2. Try to find SnapAPISetup.msi in C:\Users\OLIVER~1\AppData\Local\Temp
    3. Copy this msi file in another place
    4. Cancel Parallels Transporter installation.
    5. Run SnapAPISetup.msi manually. After installation you will be asked to reboot.
  5. vitalb

    vitalb Parallels Developers


    if You will no success with previous way try next, please:

    A. Reinstall _previous_ version of Transporter Agent on this PC and then upgrade it to current.

    If no success,

    B. use Windows Installer Cleanup Utility as described in Microsoft Knowledgebase article:
  6. ogeorgi

    ogeorgi Bit poster

    I got it. Here is how:

    Open REGEDIT and check if the following exists:
    If it is there - delete it.

    Then register vbscript.dll again:
    Execute Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as Administrator (right click -> run as).
    Fill in "regsvr32 vbscript.dll" and press ENTER.

    That's all.

    Now I could uninstall old Parallel Transporter Agent and install current release.

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