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  1. STim

    STim Bit poster

    Hello all!

    Now you can migrate your Windows PC, VMware or Virtual PC Virtual Machines to Parallels Virtual Machines.

    You will need Parallels Transporter Beta for this. The Mac version is bundled into Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta Build 3036. The Windows version containing both Parallels Transporter and Parallels Transporter Agent can be downloaded from here.

    1. Usage models.

    * Migrate remote Windows PC over network directly to VM on your Mac/PC
    1) Install Parallels Transporter Agent on your Windows PC you would like to migrate
    2) Run Parallels Transporter on your Mac/PC
    3) Migrate using few easy steps of Wizard

    * Migrate Windows PC locally or to any removable media and move the resulted VM to Mac/PC
    1) Install both Parallels Transporter and Parallels Transporter Agent on your Windows PC you would like to migrate
    2) Run Parallels Transporter on that Windows PC
    3) Migrate using few easy steps of Wizard
    4) Deliver the resulting virtual machine to Mac/PC using any removable media

    * Converting VMware Workstation/Server or Microsoft Virtual PC VMs to Parallels Desktop/Workstation-compatible format and move resulting Virtual Machine to Mac/PC
    1) Install Parallels Transporter on your Windows PC
    2) Run Parallels Transporter
    3) Convert VM using few easy steps of Wizard
    4) Deliver the resulting virtual machine to Mac/PC using any removable media

    2. Supported OSes.

    Parallels Transporter Agent is the provider which allows online migration of Windows PC:

    * Windows 2000
    * Windows XP
    * Windows 2003

    Parallels Transporter is the application which finally creates Parallels virtual machines:

    * Windows 2000
    * Windows XP
    * Windows 2003
    * Windows Vista (experimental support)
    * Mac OS X

    We are extremely interested in your feedback - please share your thoughts or technical issues to mailbox.

    Best regards,
    Tim and all the Parallels Team

    Download links:
    Parallels Transporter for Windows Beta and Parallels Transporter Agent for Windows Beta -

    Parallels Transporter for Mac Beta (bundled with Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta Build 3036) -
  2. innerfire

    innerfire Bit poster

    Ok, downloading the agent to my legacy virtual pc was a long process. I hate even loging in there. But, I got it downloaded, turned on the agent, and then tried to find the computer via my new computer. I am migrating from a g4 powerbook to a new imac. They are networked. Getting the pc to show up, I don't know how to do. Any suggestions?
  3. palter

    palter Hunter

    What style of networking is your VPC configured to use? I don't remember the VPC terminology off hand but in Parallels-speak, you'd probably need to configure it in Bridged mode so it'll have its own IP address. Otherwise, it'll be hiding behind the Mac and you won't be able to see it.
  4. GeezerGeek

    GeezerGeek Bit poster

    I downloaded and installed the beta with no problems. Then I imported a Winddows 98 image from Virtual PC. The import went fine, and it booted. As expected, it wanted the Windows CD for drivers. Oops - no CD drive. I tried giving it a real CD, as well as an image, on both IDE channels. Windows simply does not show a CD in the system. I suppose this could be due to the need for a new driver for IDE devices, but it's pretty much a show stopper. I'm going to try going back to Virtual PC and copy the CD to a virtual hard drive, which I'll then convert with Transporter, and finally use to get the necessary drivers.
  5. largestgasman

    largestgasman Bit poster

    I am trying to migrate a VPC7 version of XP on a G5 tower to a MBP and failing.
    I'm finding the documentation a bit obtuse.

    Can you help me understand?

    I installed Transporter on the VPC version of XP, selected "Express" mode then "from virtual computer" and directed it to the VHD of my XP installation located in the documents/virtual pc list folder of my macintosh HD. Is this the correct target?

    Once I had done this I selected "migrate" then "boot from it" when prompted. At this point, clicking on "next" has no effect in that no migration occurs.

    If I click "Use data from it" instead of "Boot from it" at this stage the whole operation is aborted.

    Do I have the wrong end of the stick here?
    Can anyone explain the process a bit more for me?
  6. leonsio

    leonsio Bit poster

    does it posible to migrate VmWare (Fusion) Images to Parallals format running it on MacOSX
    its a nice feature but useles on macintosh, because i need allways a windows PC zu install transporter on it :(
  7. pjb

    pjb Bit poster

    same problem

    I had exactly this problem only 1. I used Win2kPro and 2. I have two (nearly identical) virtual machines and directed the installer to the .vhd file of the one that was not running.

  8. pjb

    pjb Bit poster


    GeezerGeek, would you mind detailing your process so those of us who were not successful can see what did work? (at least for the import step)

  9. pjb

    pjb Bit poster

    unable to initialize

    This also did not work:

    connect the mac to the virtual PC Win2Kpro (running with it's own IP) at a shared folder, run PT Agent on the virtualPC, run PT on the mac and use the VPC IP address as the source. This ends with the message "Unable to initialize data on the source computer" and the VPC OS reports a program error. Where would I find that log file?

    Update: got as far as seeing the VPC in the list of options but then received the error "We have no active OS which can be reconfigured as default. Select disk and partition for capturing data without reconfiguring" but in the next pane the list of volumes is empty.
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  10. don montalvo

    don montalvo Hunter

    can parallels transporter be used to convert a parallels windows image over to my new bootcamp partition?

  11. morwen

    morwen Member

    upgrade from build 1970?

    I've been having trouble upgrading for several builds now, the only way I could get them to work was to uninstall Parallels and reinstall the new version. It always found my old Parallels vm of XP.

    This new beta I tried to upgrade to, it failed as has been usual for me. I uninstalled build 1970 and then installed the new beta, but it doesn't seem to see my Parallels vm of XP. Its still in Library/ can I get this to work?
  12. innerfire

    innerfire Bit poster

    Transporter Error

    OK, I logged into Virtual PC, and used the transporter locally to create the parallels files. I then copied them to my new computer, and tried to fire them up. The version of XP boots from the get go, but my mouse is now not able to controll anything within the window, so I can't log in. I can have parallels capture my mouse, but then I can't move within the xp world. I've tried installing a USB controller and re-booting via the back end. Help!
  13. James Bond 007

    James Bond 007 Hunter

    Yes, you should go back to Virtual PC and copy the contents of the Win98 folder on the Windows 98 CD onto the Windows 98 VM. Then after you "transported" and Windows 98 ask for drivers just point to that folder and 98 should then load the necessary drivers.

    I always copy the Win98 folder to the hard disk and install 98 by running setup from that folder when I need to install Windows 98 on a PC or in a VMware VM on my PC. That way the install process is much faster (compared to running Win98 setup from the CD) and 98 will know where to get drivers from "CD" later. I guess it is just the same in Parallels even though I have not tried it myself yet.

  14. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven

    my old notebook has no cd burner

    could I use a usb hard disk as the medium?

    or connect via a lan or a crossover cable?

    It sounds like another killer app
    it would have saved me buying an OEM windows cd

    as long as it preserves the original MAC number ???

    Hugh W
  15. innerfire

    innerfire Bit poster

    As an update, I was able to get the mouse to work together, when I switched to full screen mode. I then logged in, had roughly 20 minutes of good working time, installed the parallels scrips, and then restarted the computer. It was amazing, the mouse worked perfectly after I installed the scripts, however, I ran into a major problem. Now the keyboard can't be recognized. I've since tried makeing the system work in several ways, but the keyboard is not interacting with the PC. Help. Ideas?
  16. antblog701

    antblog701 Junior Member

    I successfully imported the Virtual PC disk image (Windows 2000) to Parallels. Let me add a few detail...
    It's Windows 2000 Pro under Virtual PC 7 for Mac, and migrated to Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    Just to provide some basic steps on what I did...
    • Install Parallels Transporter and Parallels Transporter Agent on your source PC (under Virtual PC for Mac).
    • Uninstall Virtual PC Additions, then reboot. (this is very important, otherwise you won't be able to boot up the imported virtual machine.)
    • I also changed the Network Setting to "Virtual Switch" (I am not 100% certain if this is necessary, but it works better in a number of situations with this setting.)
    • In your Windows PC, launch Parallels Transporter Agent, make sure the Virtual PC is connected to the local network.
    • In your Intel-based Mac, launch Parallels Transpoter, and follow the on-screen instruction.

    Hope this helps.
  17. constant

    constant Forum Maven


    That would be a good post for the how to forum.
  18. dfelsent

    dfelsent Bit poster

    Some transporter troubles

    macbook pro, 15" 2 gig ram, latest updated 10.4.8

    Image is an win2k pro from a vware virtual machine on a linux host

    1: It seemed that the osx screen saver would kill the transport, but maybe it was the linux screen saver. In either case, disabling both screen savers allowed a suessful over the network transporter operation.

    2: Boot the new image. the virtual machine wants permission to install an unsigned driver. I've got no mouse or keyboard control.

    3: reboot. I can't even hit F8 during startup, again no keyboard or mouse.

    I'll try uninstalling vmware tools and transport it again.

    Awesome tool when it works.

  19. dfelsent

    dfelsent Bit poster

    I have now tried transporting an image without vmware tools installed. Still no keyboard or mouse response from virtual machine.

    I tried transporting the VM when ir was running in safe mode. Still no Joy.

    Any suggestions? Othe VMs work OK.

  20. BladeRunner

    BladeRunner Junior Member

    I think you missed a usable comversion

    I see the list of operational modes for Transporter and they look good. However, I think you missed a very useful mode.

    I have a WinXP system that has died. I don't plan to revive it. What I want to do is mount the hard drive from that system on my OS X system - say in an external FireWire enclosure - and then convert the WinXP system on it to a Parallels VM.

    In a sense, it is the same as migrating a remote or local WinXP system to a Parallels VM except that I don't have a running WinXP system on which to install the Transporter software.

    I hope there is a chance you can implement this additional conversion.

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