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  1. bhu927

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    I agree with BladeRunner - but I'd also love to see yet another option:

    The ability to use dd images as the disk for a VM (for ongoing use, or convert from dd to parallels own format). There's something like this for vmWare, but I'm not sure if they officially support it - see

    This would allow people who cannot afford to make changes to the original HDD, i.e forensic examiners, to use parallels in their cases.
  2. Morendil

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    Migration from PC where Transporter runs aborts half-way


    I have installed the Windows version on my PC. (Not a Mac owner yet, will be in a few days and I'm preparing.) I installed the programs, rebooted, ran Transporter and asked it to migrate the boot partition of the PC to a VM file on an external hard drive. Roughly half-way through the operation halts with an "aborted" message.

    Is this due to migrating the boot partition where Transporter is running ? If not, what might help ?

    Thanks !
  3. BladeRunner

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    Enhancement Request

    I would like to make a request.

    I just went through the process of downloading a WinXP virtual PC image from Microsoft and then attempted to use Transporter to convert it to a Parallels image. Then, I found I had to download and install the Windows version of Transporter and run the conversion there.

    Since my intension is to migrate my computing to OS X & Parallels virtual systems, the thought of needing to maintain a real WinXP system to support a version of Transporter that will do image conversion is not to pleasant.

    PLEASE add the image conversion function to the OS X version of transporter.

    Please and thank you.
  4. dizzydeane

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    Stuck on "Boot from hard drive..."

    After using Transporter to migrate my Windows XP laptop, I'm stuck on the above. I tried:
    - Pressing ENTER & clicking in the VM window = No joy (N/J)
    1. Changed the CD/DVD-ROM 1 option to Connect to Default CD
    2. Inserted a Recovery CD (returns system as from the factory)
    3. Pressed on Actions->RESET & Yes= No joy
    Tried 1-3 above with a OEM generic Windows XP CD= No Joy

    Any suggestions?

    PS: Can I just trash the "migrated folder" with Transporterx.hdd & winxp.pvs? I have a bad set since I should've used Advanced since my IBM Thinkpad is partitioned.

    PPS: Tim, suggest you make your Announcement Sticky
  5. mcsenerd

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    I started a seperate thread about the mouse and keyboard issues in converted VPC machines. I think there are still issues with fully removing the MS Virtual Machine Additions from the VPC Machine prior to converting...because I followed that routine exactly and yet there still remain conflicts between the mouse and keyboard drivers when running in Parallels.
  6. Geesu

    Geesu Member

    So whenever I try to run this on my windows xp machine (I want to create an image of that computer to transfer to my mac) it builds a pretty large file - sometimes about 70% completion - then it errors with:

    "The operation of migration has been aborted. To migrate later run Parallels transporter once again. Click Finish to exit."

    I've ran it about 6 times and still nothing. Is there a way to get a more detailed error report?

  7. gmankono

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    Follow-up: success - VPC to Parallels XP image

    I'll post to the how-to board as well, but I wanted to quote antblog, since the specifics mentioned here were the keys to my success, both in using the Windows Transfer tool, as well as to getting the Mac Transfer tool and Windows Transfer Agent combo to work.

    Initially, I just used the Windows Parallels Transporter to create a Parallels disk image that I then coped to the target Intel iMac, and I was able to boot the virtual machine, though Mouse Synchronization was clearly not working. I was able to log in to the XP environment, though networking was not working, and drivers could not be installed (the only discs available in this installation case are the original Virtual PC install discs, which do NOT include a standard XP installation disc, which leaves a re-installation near impossible, without transfer tools). I was able to run the Parallels Tools installation, but once complete, the mouse and keyboard input to the virtual environment did not work at all.

    The key, in reviewing the post quoted here, is the section that details that the "Virtual PC Additions" need to be uninstalled. If they are not uninstalled, there are clearly conflicts between the Virtual PC additions, and the "Parallels Tools" that offer similar benefits and the actual drivers for the virtualization environment. After restarting the Virtual PC machine after the uninstallation, the mouse synchronization in the VPC environment was off, but I was still able to run the Windows Parallels Transporter to create a new Transporter1.hdd and accompanying winxp.pvs file set, which I copied to the Intel iMac, and was able to successfully boot, run the "Install Parallels Tools..." installer, and get working keyboard & mouse input, working video drivers, and working networking.

    HUZZAH!!! Success, especially in this case, before the actual deadline, is very sweet.

    The other important detail in the original post is that to get the Mac Parallels Transporter to recognize a Virtual PC "machine" running the Parallels Transfer Agent (Windows) is to make sure that the VPC machine is set to use Virtual Switch networking instead of Shared networking. Once I shut down the VPC VM, set the networking to Virtual Switch, started the VPC VM, and started the Parallels Transfer Agent, the Intel iMac running the Mac Parallels Transfer app was able to "see" and start an import of the VPC VM.

    I made a backup of the original, working, bootable file set I got from the Windows Parallels Transfer app, but hopefully the Mac Transfer app will be smart about asking where to save the file it creates, rather than overwriting the "working" VM I have in place.

    Currently, I'm very happy I can get this machine in place without having to find or purchase a new XP install disc, since the original license with Virtual PC is valid.

    Happy Transferring,



  8. utkjeff

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    Success: Win2K from VPC to Parallels Using MacDrive

    I too got a transfer to work from my Powerbook Virtual PC to Parallels. Antblog's advice was useful, especially the advice to remove the VPC Additions.

    None of the Parallels Transporter on the Mac things worked for me. I could get the Virtual Windows sessions to see each other, but I kept running into data failures immediately. Trying to run Parallels Transporter inside of the Virtual PC Windows session failed with the same errors. Finally, trying to transfer the images to an NTFS external drive that could be mounted by Windows also proved to be painful, because the drives were only recognized as USB1.1 under Parallels WinXP so it was going to take days to transfer.

    What worked for me in about an hour was:
    0) Removed the Virtual PC Additions under Virtual PC on my Powerbook. Rebooted the image to be certain it was OK. It was slow and clunky but booted OK.
    1) Transfer the VPC directory to a Mac-formatted external USB drive.
    2) On a real-Windows laptop (Tablet XP) I downloaded a free trial (5-day) of MacDrive.
    3) Installed the Parallels Transporter tools on the Windows laptop.
    3) Attached the external USB drive to the Windows laptop which showed up because of MacDrive.
    4) Ran the Transporter tools with the Advanced option and chose the option to translate a VPC image.
    5) Selected the image off of the USB drive. I chose to write the Parallels image to the Windows internal drive, but I don't think it necessary.
    6) Transferred the resulting image back onto the Mac-formatted USB drive.
    7) Attached the USB drive to my MacBook Pro and transferred the image onto the Mac.
    8) When I booted the new image on the MBP, then it immediately started to reconfigure itself. I canceled the two or three items that popped up the New Hardware Wizard which were a couple of PCI devices and the VGA. (I did have mouse and keyboard control.)
    9) When prompted, I rebooted the image.
    10) After reboot it again brought up the New Hardware Wizard again. I canceled each and installed the Parallels extensions, then rebooted.
    11) The final reboot came up clean with no new hardware detected.

    YEAH! Thank you, Parallels!
  9. JasonBee

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    Migrating now - had issues...still waiting on the transfer

    So far:

    1) Win2k on a "white" box.
    2) 10 baseT ethernet - slooww.

    The agent ran fine on install (after reboot), however I could not see the session remotely from the Mac I was transferring to.

    The transporter app would fail to identify the primary drive every time on launch. This was fixed by recreating a MISSING boot.ini file. It appears this is required (natch) for Transporter to function.

    I then tried running the Transporter app to create a local image file. That failed twice at 49 and 50% completion.

    I then rebooted several times...still no remote access or local success.

    Then I booted into "SAFE mode with Networking". This is key - it appears there were still enough networking issues on the PC I was trying to migrate. Without more diagnostics from the Transporter end I'm at a loss. All I can say is that this machine has Norton Internet security installed, which has all been disabled. That was not enough. If you are having issues try rebooting into safe mode with networking and the remote transfer and local transfer should work. That has been my experience so far.

    I haven't gotten to booting the resulting files into Parallels yet.

    If any of you have any knowledge with Sysprep - I suggest you try Sysprepping the resulting images. It will result in cleaner transfers...although you will need to back up the profile data as that will be parked or wiped out.

    I'll report back on my findings.

  10. cassj

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    Still cant get this to work

    I have tried creating a Parallels image of a live WinXP drive using Transporter, but at around 34% complete I get the error message "During disk(s) migrating an error has occurred." I have tried saving the image onto the live hard drive itself (which seems counterintuitive) and I have tried saving the image to an external USB drive. The used space I am trying to migrate is 13.3GB.

    Any advice would surely be appreciated.

  11. Fastmode

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    Same problem here as others

    Hello, I'm having the same error when migrating on a Window XP computer to a USB drive or even on the same computer. My Windows installation is brand new and has a size of 4 gb only. I get to about 12% in the progress bar. I disabled the Firewall application, and it does not have Antivirus software. I always get same error. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. rugbymom

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    Importing VM

    Guess I am not understanding very well, but Virtual PC will not install on an intel. Therefore how do you get started with importing Windows. Sorry but I am trying to understand how to do this.

    Thank you
  13. Sandy

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    How to use transport when older computer is no longer available?

    I had a major hard drive crash on my older iBook with VPC. Fortunately, I was able to rescue the "document" that had my Win2000 on it. However, I no longer have access to that computer and had to place the document on my new MacBook.

    Is there a way to use Transport and/or Transport Agent to migrate my VPC Windows data to Parallels? I've installed Parallels, but I'm still waiting for delivery of my copy of XP, so of course nothing is working at the moment. I'm asking now, though, so that I will know what to do, if a solution is possible.

  14. vijmal

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    I am sure that this q has been asked before (and may even have been answered) so pl excuse my ignorance.

    Is it possible to take my current Win XP install (toshiba laptop) and make a Bootcamp image out of it that i can use with parallels ? Or even take a parallels image and convert it into a bot camp image ?
  15. Jusman

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    I think this was already asked

    But i'm not sure if there was an answer. So here we go,

    Everything is installed on the my macbook pro and is waiting for the information from my old pc. Now when I run the transporter on the Source computer it takes me through the setup and it asks where I'd like to migrate the files from. I select from this computer and click next. All going just fine you might say, but this is where it all blows up. So after about ten seconds of "Please wait while Parallels transporter collects the information." The window changes to an error message which says "unable to initialize data on source computer." I'm not sure what this means or how to fix it. please if someone could help this poor old soul out it would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry if this has already been answered and I missed it but please help me out here. Thanks in advance.
  16. John@Parallels

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  17. AlexMo

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    is it posible

    is it posible to migrate VmWare (Fusion) Images to Parallals format running it on MacOSX
    its a nice feature but useles on macintosh, because i need allways a windows PC zu install transporter on it

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