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  1. LinaH


    Hi there,
    hope someone can help.
    I currently have installed parallels on my macbook pro. originally I hade v5 and then was entitled to a free upgrade to v6 six. I am having software issues and have received suggestions that I might have better luck in bootcamp to run windows xp and the software I am having issues with.
    my question is can I uninstall parallels so I can install bootcamp and then re-install parallels v6 with the key I received from parallels? I don't want to give up parallels nor lose my upgrade and I believe the correct process is to have bootcamp installed before parallels.

    Would be grateful for any help out there.

    Many thanks.
  2. DrDave


    Similar problem

    I think this is a similar problem. My Mac died and the hard-drive with it. I am trying to get parallels working again on a new machine and cannot figure out how. I had a legal registered copy, but it was a download. I can't find any way to simply install on this machine.
  3. MartyC


    V6 b11992

    V6 Build 11992 keeps firing off Time Machine to back up EVERYTHING AGAIN, and runs at about 1/4 the speed of 5. I am using Mac Snow Leopard V10.6.6 and Win XP SP2.
    How do I uninstall V6 and go back to V5??? I have the disks and the license keys

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