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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by brodel, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. COBeav

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    LOL! :) I don't actually need any support. I'll wait patiently until the USB support is fixed. But we all know that Parallels is scrambling like crazy to get as far ahead of VMWare as possible. You and I both know that once VMWare releases their product that the game will change and the winner will be the end users.
  2. shaun3000

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    I don't believe I am out of line expecting a response time of a few days, not weeks (if at all!). I don't expect instant answers. I recently switched to Mac and am from the Windows world am used to looking up answers on Google before asking anyone. However, when it comes to a customer support issue, such as will the free upgrades be offered to those who bought Parallels from another store, or will someone who bought it four days before the special be included, I expect the company to answer me in a timely manner. As far as price is concerned, I've seen PCs more epensive than a Mac with crappier service. That being said, Parallels Desktop isn't a cheap program at $80, especially when the non-Mac version goes for half that price. So I'm sorry if you don't like seeing my posting in multiple threads. But I don't know what you'd like me to do when I am not getting an answer from Parallels.
  3. preaton

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    The Mac version comes with Compressor bundled. Win/Lin allows you to buy it for another $49. So mac is cheaper. VM Workstation is $189 (with a $50 rebate if you live in Continental US). VM Server is free. Take your pick. My son tells me that the beta v 3 is "Awesome" and certainly blows the opposition out of the water.

    Take your choice. :cool:
  4. tgrogan

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    It's not me that doesn't like it. Every email forum on the entire web requests this courtesy of it's participants. Punishing other users with your problem doesn't serve any other purpose besides gratifying your own need to vent.

    BTW: Did you ever post your problem on the proper list here?
  5. shaun3000

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    What list? And I don't see how it's punishing anyone. I posted in threads created by others about the same topic and no one is forcing anyone to read it. (Obviously, as I still don't have a damn response from Parallels) I'm not venting, I'm posting in Parallel's forum in hopes someone from the company will respond.

    Not that I need to defend myself, no one made you click on this thread.
  6. constant

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    The thing is, that tgrogan, and others, spend some of their free time reading these forums in the hope of being able to help others. Reading the same thing over and over again, wastes their time.

    And after all, it's people with problems, hoping for their help. Please don't make it difficult for them to help others.
  7. drscience

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    A trollin' we will go...

    ...a trollin' we will go. Hi ho the dairy-o

  8. joem

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    Actually, expecting an answer to a question here from the Parallels team is unreasonable.

    This is a USER forum, where users help each other. The Parallels folks read the forums as an aid to their development and marketing efforts, and not as a service to us. When they have time, they post to be helpful, but that isn't the purpose of the forum, and assuming that it is will invariably lead to the disappointment of unmet expectations. Sorry folks, but real life just is.

    Since this is a USER forum, posting ANYTHING that isn't of general interest to the user community such as personal attacks, general complaints about anything USERS can't help with or any other off topic subject is a waste of everyone's time and entirely inappropriate.

    The contention that people don't have to read a trolling or off topic post is just silly. It is nearly impossible to find the useful posts without looking at every thread.

    So let's have an end to the sarcasm, the venting that helps no one, and other off topic posts. If you have a question that a user can answer, that's actually about Parallels, by all means post it. If you have the answer to a question, post it. If you have a comment you want the Parallels folks to read, post it ONCE.

    If you post a question and no one answers, it is overwhelmingly probable that no one actually KNOWS the answer, so asking again, or in another thread is seldom helpful and WILL annoy regulars (who are the ones with experience who actually can sometimes help you and whom you don't want to piss off).

    So let's drop this useless thread, and keep the forums technical.

  9. Atmosphere

    Atmosphere Bit poster


    This is my 1st post to this forum. In my humble little opinion, i think Shaun3000 is correct in requesting a reply for something as simple as "What do the upgrades cost?"

    We are after all "Beyond 2000" now, and people who are on the internet are VERY well aware of and require software updates. Especially if you are using your computer as part of work.

    I am a recent windows user - and have my very 1st mac, but as it happens 4 out of 5 programmes i need for work - indluding firewire ports, usb-serial devices, wifi-network adapters and external audio cards actually NEED windows to work... now where this is certainly not Parallels' fault - but rather the lack of development from hardware companies i interface with.... i am wanting to purchase this device legally and honorably...

    And not having had probably enough money to buy a mac in the FIRST place - the extra $80 with the exchange rate is quite an issue for me.

    Now where i wouldnt' do this - i've found that with esp pc based systems, is that when the companies are not really forthcoming, or ridiculously priced, some clever it guy would write a parallels keygenerator and post it on some p2p site.

    Now if i had to buy 8 different versions of parallels before they support my x or y device - surely it would make more sense (to me as a poor bastard) to go looking on warez sites...??

    And with regards to this being a "User" forum... that's all good and well - but it's still a subdomain of ... which means (to me) that it's owned by parallels.

    So i'm PRETTY sure there are at least maybe ONE person who could say what upgrade costs are for this.

    Anyway - i'm not gonna go looking for a p2p option for this, so please don't go accusing me of anything etc etc... that's really not what i'm after seeing that it's a really great program and that most of my hardware incl garmin gps units are working so far.
  10. joem

    joem Forum Maven

    Well, a search of the forums would reveal that Parallels has indicated that minor upgrades will be free and major upgrades will incur a cost not yet decided. The current development, in beta now, will qualify as minor.

    I would not expect a response HERE from Parallels about anything they have already addressed, since this really is a USER forum, with the Parallels folks posting now and then when they have something to say. They are busy being developers.

    Expectations of entitlement will lead inevitably to disappointment. The way we think the world SHOULD be and the way it actually IS are often different, and we all often disagree on how it should be.

    And of course, forum search is your friend.

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