Parallels upgrade crashes VM, subsequent fix is an upgrade post repair?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Joe_Bertram, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Joe_Bertram

    Joe_Bertram Bit Poster

    Let me try and qualify the topic clearly to avoid misinterpretation:

    1. Running a windows vista 32bit vm (was) on Mavericks 10.9.5
    2. Parallels update asks to 'update' so naturally I do this. (confident as no issues have ever occurred in the past)
    3. Upgrade goes fine.
    4. VM reboots and spits out an error, the VM crashes and immediately reboots. I did not have time to catch the error code, however:
    5. upon reboot, the VM simply tells me that I need to install the CD and run repair tools. A system driver is missing. (pc.sys or pcsys.sys cannot exactly remember)
    6 VM is reconfigured to boot from the vista CD and the repair is successfully completed.
    7. VM reboots and all is normal - except:
    a. the mouse cursor is not moving across the screen, either with an external mouse or the trackpad
    b. Parallel tools fails to install - It doesn't matter if I run it directly from the .iso or use the parallels menu to install it, it simply reaches about 66% (curiously just after the USB ethernet driver is 'successfully' installed) and goes kaput.
    Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.16.03 pm.JPG Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.16.30 pm.JPG

    The 'troubleshooting solutions' link doesn't work either - even when manually entered into safari.

    Anyone got a solution?
  2. vitalb

    vitalb Parallels Developers

    Hi, Joe_Bertram!
    Seems, some system information were broken after Windows crash.
    Could you, please, send Report a problem (Menu - Help - Report a problem) and tell me its number. After this you could try use KB article . Or ask for detailed instructions based on your problem report.
  3. Joe_Bertram

    Joe_Bertram Bit Poster

    Hi vitalb,
    Sorry - but I cannot get you this information anymore - I did not have enough disk space to create a second instance of the same VM, so I had to delete the problematic VM and create a new one from scratch - it was quicker to do this than to wait for a resolution, as I needed to use some applications urgently.
    Thanks for the response, but I'd already been stuffing around with the issue for 5 hours before raising the question, my timeframe simply didn't allow further diagnosis.
  4. Ram@Parallels

    Ram@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi Joe,
    Please follow the steps as suggested at to troubleshoot Parallels Tools installation and let us know how does it work.
  5. Joe_Bertram

    Joe_Bertram Bit Poster

    Ram, I'd already followed 8969 and the other KB which explores repairing windows, before posting the first time on here. I thought the link in the 'install parallel tools' was different to the KB's because it mentioned rollback - which incidentally, was what I was thinking might work.

    Like I said before anyway, it doesn't matter. I deleted the VM and built a new one from scratch as I did not have any further time to troubleshoot the issue.

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