Parallels Upgrade made my MacBook Pro dead

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Bobby5, Feb 28, 2021.


Anyone faced this issue on recent parallels upgrade ?

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  1. Bobby5


    Recently, I received a popup to install the parallels update on my MacBook Pro 15-inch running on macOS BIG SUR. I selected upgrade and after upgrade it asked for restarting the machine and it never came up. All I see is fans running at high speed with no display. If you are wondering, I was only running one virtual machine before it went dead. I am little scared because MacBook was not coming up and my data was not backed uptodate. After 5minutes, I did force power off and restarted and it went to recovery mode and then restarted and came back to normal. Since then I am little worried to install any parallels upgrade. Anyone faced this issue ?

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