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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by PToomeyJr, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Tim, (or whomever at Parallels development),
    This endless posting of new builds without any (or very little) documentation as what is in or not in the various releases has got to be making life difficult for you as well as the rest of us. Twenty years of software develpment taught me that you can reduce some of your secretarial hours by spending a little of it on documentation. In my opinion you ought to post permanent (living) document on the front page of this forum in which you chronicle your development and release efforts. Too many people endliessly post questions about items that could/should be in this permanent document. As a starter you ought to choose a particular release/build and document what features were intended to be in it, and what you believe that you fixed. After posting several of these documentations the incremental information would get slimmer and slimmer and hence easier to read. This would also make it easier for those participating in the beta to make specific posts about particular problems because they could then relate to a specific build, thus freeing many of us from seeing yet again another post about USB problems AND making it easier for you to efficiiently track down true development issues. I realize that you are likely a rather small development group, but that in itself makes better communication to a large user group just that much more important.

    Confused and getting more so,

    Patrick Toomey
    Victor, Montana
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    It does get hard to follow what problems exist in what build?

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