Parallels VM Compresser Release Candidate (Formerly Compactor) is ready for download!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ben @ Parallels, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Ben @ Parallels

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    The Release Candidate of Parallels VM Compressor - formerly known as Compactor - is now available for download. You can get your copy at the Parallels Compressor Download Center.

    I'm sure you're asking two questions: What's new, and what's with the name change? I'll answer below:

    1) What's new in the Release Candidate?
    • Added uninstall feature for primary Mac OS X
    • Added /r command line key to register product from the command line
    • VM Compressor now posts an event to guest Windows Application event log upon finishing its work
    • Changed logic of checking administrator's rights
    • VM Compressor no longer removes pictures from My Accounts
    • Changed message which appears if Parallels VM Compressor is not activated or license key is expired
    • Fixed the problem with Windows File Protection message
    • Users are now able to add or remove tasks by clicking on the task itself or its checkbox
    • IMPORTANT: The Parallels VM Compactor folder is not automatically deleted on Linux or Mac OS X primary OSes. You may delete it manually.
    • IMPORTANT: If you are a Mac user, your license key will be deleted when you upgrade to Parallels VM Compressor RC. You will need to re-input it to activate the product. Hit the "My Account" section of the website if you need to be re-sent your key.
    2) What's with the name change?
    After a long internal discussion and a lot of great user feedback, we decided that Compressor was a much more appropriate name than Compactor. When most people hear the word "compactor", they think of a trash compactor. And, while your VM may have a ton of garbage in it (I know mine do!), its not the image we were trying to conjure, so, Compressor it is!
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    Is this free ?

    I pre-purchased Parallels Workstation for Mac, and compactor is included in the beta I am using. When I download this, is it a trial version or is it included with the Workstation?

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