Parallels website, can't put upgrade and full version in cart?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DarrylZ, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. DarrylZ


    I'm trying to put together an order for Parallels Desktop for Mac, both an upgrade and two full versions. On the Parallels website I clicked on the version 8 Upgrade button, and it added to my (empty) cart at $49.99 as expected. But there's no "continue shopping" button so I have to click back to the main page again.

    So I can now navigate back to the store and (tried to) add the 2-license full version for $109.99. Wadda deal! However when I clicked to add it to the cart, then the upgrade was removed from the cart! I can't seem to get both the upgrade and the new version in the shopping cart at the same time. How can I get both items in the shopping cart at the same time? I have to submit this for our purchasing person to buy, and I don't want it to not work since I'll just get my request thrown back into my face.

    I really want the purchasing person to buy from Parallels directly, since CDW does not offer the 2-user license bundle so it's much more expensive from them.
  2. Chris@Parallels



    Thanks for letting us know! I will send over to the product team today ASAP! I am more than happy to help you in the short term. Can you please pop us an email to social(at)parallels(.)com and I can send you a link to build a cart with the products you need.


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