Parallels windows stack in the corner of the screen

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    We have a user that is using one 4k monitor with a few other 1080p monitors. After the computer sits for a while with no interaction the windows all stack in the corner of the primary 4k monitor. Anyone know a solution?
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    I will assume the user is using the latest version of the Parallels Client for Windows.
    I would suggest to check the logs on the Parallels Client for Windows. There might have been an unexpected monitor display/resolution update or a disconnect. If needed, enable extended logging.
    Is RemoteApps is enabled on the server? Try to toggle it and see if it makes any difference.
    Is this issue happening to other users that might have a similar configuration?
    If you can't identify the issue, contact Parallels support and explain the issue. It is a good idea to quantify how many monitors the user has, their configuration/layout and after how much time this issue happens.

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