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    Doing an initial install of Parallels 10 with Full install Windows 8.1 DVD. Install of Parallels, activation, recognition of Windows 8.1 key went went well, and the dialog said that Windows would now be installed. That was over two hours ago and the Parallels wizard ball is still spinning. I can move the window, get the windows icons along the bottom to open. The install apps are not frozen per the Force Quit command. I actually was able to update some Windows apps. I was never asked to install Parallels Tools.
    I have a recent model iMac with plenty of RAM and hard drive space. I'm uploading log file, screen pic, and system report.

    David Anglin

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  2. Abdul@Parallels

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    Hi David,

    Please stop the Virtual Machine and Start it again, that should help you out.
  3. gjlamb

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    Didn't help whilst installing TP 10075. Selected 'continue manually' from the installation menu then installed tools. Must have just got stuck finishing?
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    Gilamb saying right, you need to stop Virtual Machine properly and start again with following instructions....
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    I ran into the same problem. The fix was to stop the installation and continue manually. Once you do that, you will see an x at the top right where the tools should be. Click on that and install Parallels tools and it should solve the problem.

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