Parallels Workstation Extreme – End of Purchase or Renewal Ability Notification

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  1. Andrew@Parallels

    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    We are ending sales of our Parallels Workstation product lines in order to focus on some different market segments and products. Effective immediately, you will no longer be able to purchase new licenses or renew maintenance on the following products:
    · Parallels Workstation
    · Parallels Workstation Extreme

    What does it mean for you?

    * Parallels will no longer release patches or updates for these products;
    * Parallels Support will not be able to escalate the requests to the development team for patches/fixes which are not covered in existing version/build of the product.
    * If you have a personal Support Plan, please contact your Parallels sales representative or one of the Parallels offices.
  2. FauzyF


    We just bought PWE 6 for 17 licenses. We were surprised after reading this news, because those software is not yet fully implemented (some are in delivery process). Technically we are very impressed with the PWE since able to bring a physical resource such as a video card, network card to a virtual level. Therefore we use it to partition workstation equipped with dual NVIDIA Quadro into two virtual OS. Both the virtual OS will be installed software that requires specification of Geology high-end video card and can be delivered through zero client endpoints.

    Our question: how about the support of PWE licenses we already bought it? Is it true that the product is completely turned off?

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