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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by LowRight, Jun 24, 2007.

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    I've read how to use an existing Boot Camp XP partition in Parallels. I have a Parallels virtual machine that I need to use in Boot Camp. Is this possible?

    If not, and I have to create the Boot Camp partition first and then create a virtual machine, how can I use my current XP product key when installing in Boot Camp? I spoke with a service rep at Microsoft and they said that uninstalling Windows XP will deactive it so it can be installed on another machine (which would be in Boot Camp). The trouble is that the system help page for uninstalling Windows says to choose Windows XP from the list of programs to remove in Add/Remove Programs and XP isn't listed.
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    You need to setup a Boot Camp partition and install XP on it as your first step.

    I personally did not get rid of my existing VM or de-install windows from it I just reactivated it. This may require you calling MS to do so, but you just need to tell them that your re-installing your licensed copy on a new machine as the old machine bit the dust or your HD crashed... and you are doing a full fresh install. I wouldn't mention parallels or Apple imho.
    Frankly I don't feel this violates the license as I am only runnning my purchased copy on one machine and only 1 instance of it at any given time.

    After you get boot camp up with XP and that is working for you then you can then create a Parallels VM that uses your installed copy of XP off of boot camp.


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