ParallelsDesktop 7 for Mac Build 15055 is available!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by alev, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    Dear Users,

    This update for Parallels Desktop for Mac (build 7.0.15055) includes the following fixes and improvements:

    -Support for OS X Mountain Lion (experimental).
    -Support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview (experimental).
    -Download and install Windows 8 Consumer Preview right from the Parallels Wizard.

    Updates for Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac are available via:

    - Parallels Desktop in-product updater
    - Parallels Desktop download page -
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    IBARIS Bit poster

    slowdown because of parallels, no enough memory left

    I have downloaded last update however when parallels is working my mac slowdown. I cant do anything because of memory problem (only 10-50mb memory left out of 2GB)
    I have MBP 13" early 2011 (4GB RAM) with Mac OS 10.7.3 and win 7 (parallels 7).
    Unfortunately I could not use parallels because if above slowdown problem.
    What should I do?
    below you can find screenshot showing activity monitor.

    Best regards,
  3. DarenD

    DarenD Bit poster

    Parallels 7 very Slow with Windows 7

    This version of Parallels is extremely slow when running on my Mac Pro 2.66GHz Dual Core Intel Zeon with 13 Gig of Ram. At this point I can't really even use it for the CAD work I do since it is painfully slow.

    Does VM Ware work any better?


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