ParallelsTransporterAgent-14.1.3-45485-win.exe failed to run on XP

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    I tried to do P2V from Windows XP machine to Parallels 14, I installed "ParallelsTransporterAgent-14.1.3-45485-win.exe" on my XP machine.
    It says "The procedure entry point GetUserPreferredUILanguages could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll".
    I have same problem with "". After that, "ParallelsTransporterAgent-12.2.1-41615-win.exe" was successfully installed and executed. There seems to be no problem with the machine.
    By the way, I can't find the Parallels Transporter Agent 13 link. At the URL , version 14 is always downloaded even if version 13 is selected.

    Anyway I ran the Agent ver 12 and connect with Parallels desktop ver 14, start transfer, I got error "Cannot transfer the PC, because the error during transfer, check chkdsk /f with your PC" (I translate from Japanese roughly). Sure, I dit it, but the same error shown.

    How can I transfer XP environment?
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