Parrot OS Linux - ease installation in the Parallels Desktop

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More apple m1 Linux OS support on Parallel desktop ?

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  1. YashO

    YashO Junior Member

    Hi Team,
    Since evolution of arch64 laptop/desktop machine came in the form of apple M1 chips.
    We need more and more Linux OS to be working on apple M1 chips. For example : I want to run Parrot OS Linux on m1 but couldn't run on parallel as distribution only released .utm format. Would be better if you do any of the below option :
    1. Tool to convert .utm to Parallel desktop vm.
    2. Bring Parrot os m1 Support on Parallel desktop vm
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  2. KaruD

    KaruD Bit poster

    I second this request but for Apple Intel chips. I find it unusual Parallels doesn't support WiFi on Linux guest (ParrotOS).
    VirtualBox is s work around but far from ideal switching between platforms :(
    I have a licensed Parallels instance purely because Microsoft tools work better on windows and that's the bottom line.
    I want to use it Parallels for Linux but need WiFi support and its faster than VirtualBox so it's a painful problem.
    Parallels Desktop for Mac, Version 1.9.0 (23860)
    Guest: Linux ParrotOS
  3. ylluminate

    ylluminate Member

    Open sourcing the Parallels Tools would solve this issue. Each distro and community could essentially facilitate their own or each user could essentially build it similar to how VMware has their open tools (
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  4. KennM1


    Hopefully, this is moving up the list of issues being addressed. Frustrated that I had to load UTM as I expect parallels to be a premium product. Would really like to hear from Parallels as to the status of this issue.
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  5. ylluminate

    ylluminate Member

    This is really supremely upsetting. I do not understand why or how it could be so hard to get help from Parallels for such a thing that would improve their product at least one to two orders of magnitude.

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