Pauses and Errors running GraphicsMagick

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by ClarkB1, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. ClarkB1

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    I'm finding the hypervisor gets pretty unstable when running GraphicsMagick image processing jobs. I'm assuming it is using either the Intel Iris GPU or other instructions that the Parallels hypervisor hasn't fully gotten right.

    1. Run my unit test regression suite with GM resize and format checking jobs.
    2. Inconsistent but frequent:
      1. Chrome pauses
      2. VM pauses
      3. Gnome lockups
      4. VM error pause and restart with failed hypervisor event
    My guess is that Parallels could simulate this by running a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VM on an Iris Graphics Mac with a bunch of concurrent GM resize jobs.
  2. ClarkB1

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    Macbook Pro 13 2018, Quad i7, 16GB
    MacOS 10.15.7
    Ubuntu 20.04LTS

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