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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by Jon Donshik, Aug 9, 2022.

  1. Jon Donshik

    Jon Donshik Bit poster

    For those of you who have had USB 3 trouble in PD 17.1, I must say that the USB setup is MUCH better in PD 18. My ability to use Dragon and Philips Speech Mike Pro software was improved substantially by PD18. I have been beta testing for a while and have a decent amount of time to test. Works so much better......with very few crashes and errors.
  2. Don Awalt

    Don Awalt Hunter

    Sometimes these are bigger than just a 'bug' - it may seem that way to us, but there could be a lot that needed to be improved or redesigned once they got into it. To the extent that creates an opportunity for more functionality, or a new enhancement or two, that's a value to add to the next upgrade. That said, the improvements create value for the subscribers - always getting new features/fixes/improvements for free. It makes customers want to stay on the subscription model.

    And like it or not, their business model is subscription now, as with many software product companies. Sadly for those that don't want a subscription, resisting that model will only come with challenges as it's not the priority any more.
  3. HC_3

    HC_3 Hunter

    who has really tested pd 18 extensively and can say definitively if the usb problems of pd 17 (later than 17.0.1) are now fixed?

    and if there are no other serious problems in pd 18?
  4. Mike Boreham

    Mike Boreham Pro

    :) Like this! (joking). I think I probably pay at least as much for the "free" upgrades with my Pro account, but somehow it feels good to upgrade to PD18 without getting the credit card out!
  5. HC_3

    HC_3 Hunter

    now had some rest to take a closer look at the system requirements:
    - macs with m-chips as well as intel
    - macos 12 (recommended), but also macos 11.6.7 and newer
    - windows 11 (recommended), but win 10 and 8 are also supported
    (the different product pages contradict each other in one or the other point, but i take the information from this site as decisive: https://www.parallels.com/de/products/desktop/resources/)

    AND: "Improved USB 3.0 support".

    has someone really tested pd 18 extensively and can say definitively if the usb problems of pd 17 (later than 17.0.1) are now fixed?
  6. HC_3

    HC_3 Hunter

    have now been able to test the upgrade from pd17 to pd18, as i had some time this morning:

    - so far everything works
    - the usb-problem (after pd17.0.1.) seems to be solved (several hard drives connected)

    honestly: i have been one of the biggest critics of the usb-problem - but it looks like you parallel guys (and girls) really did a good job this time, compliments!

    i am now reconciled :)
    (and hope that there won't be another problem like with the upgrade to pd 17)

    i have one more request: should obvious problems occur again (which are reported by a whole series of users): please deal with them openly in future and also tell us if you don't know when and how they can be fixed. that's better than keeping quiet about it.
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  7. Michael Grote

    Michael Grote Bit poster

    For me, the network connection under Windows has become extremely slow. Two computers, same problem after the update. With macOS 95 mbit/s, within the Windows environment 2 mbit/s. Not usable. Tried all settings options, no change. And I was also so happy that finally the USB problem was fixed...
  8. HC_3

    HC_3 Hunter

    i'll have to take a closer look. how exactly did you measure this?
  9. MarcoM16

    MarcoM16 Bit poster

    Many thanks ! I also confirm the USB problem is solved using pd18
    I found issue using a Teensy 4.0 board connected to the virtual COM port using Arduino IDE and pd17 I was not able to read-write on serial port.

    Now the issue is solved ! finally :)
  10. WilliamT14

    WilliamT14 Member

    Part of the battle for Parallels likely is not only a new Apple Silicon architecture to develop for, but also an entirely different edition of Windows. Windows 11 ARM64 is doing an amazing job under Parallels, but it's certainly not as solid yet as Windows 11 x86.

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