PD 18: Problem with full screen mode in VMs, mac OS Ventura menubar disappears

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    Hello, I am using Parallels Desktop 18 version 18.3.2. (53621) and have a following issue on my MacBook Pro 14 M2 running Mac OS Ventura 13.5.2:
    Both VMs that I use (Windows 11 Home and Ubuntu 22.04) are updated to the newest version and have the newest option of Parallels Tools installed.

    As soon as I enter the fullscreen mode in both VMs the mac OS menubar as well as any trackpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts to switch between the host OS and VMs get deactivated even though I have the option "Optimize full screen for games" for fullscreen deactivated.

    This was not a problem in older versions of Parallels Desktop 18 and I haven't changed any other settings neither for PD, nor in my VMs. Reinstalling the Parallels Toolbox and restarting the VMs brought nothing sofar.

    I kindly ask you to look into this issue! As a student I cannot afford buying a new version of PD 19 and am expecting the software that I just bought last year to be fully operational. I have already created a technical report with Report ID: 436046950.

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